Healthy Living – The Journey Continues

Okay, so, here I am again...making healthier choices and getting back into a routine.

I share this journey with you because I know I am not alone. Hoping this honest peak into my journey will help just one other person feel they can do it too. Knowing you are not the only one who starts and stops and stumbles and gets back up...

So here I am, 42, feeling exhausted most of the time. My brain is on overload and scattered 24/7. My body is tired and out of shape and although I own it and am not ashamed of my body, it has carried 2 children for me and has not give out on me yet, I know I can treat myself much better.

Through healthier eating I have been starting to feel better. I am still 20 lbs lighter than I was a year ago (after gaining 10 back and losing it again!).
I will continue to make healthy meals and choices as consistantly as possible. Acknowledging that it is okay to slip or even treat myself from time to time can be tough, but it is important. The key is to not beat myself up about it and to get back on track ASAP.

This week I have made a new comittment to geting fit. I will be working with a trainer at a gym 3 days a week. This is the game changer for me. I was paying for another gym membership for several months and went 3 times!!!
This time, I found a gym and a trainer I want to go work with. I tried out this gym in May (before mom had her stroke and I was away all summer), and I instantly felt at a GYM!! Really!

Now that Clayton is in school, I have my mornings to work. But I have carved out an appointment for myself 3 times a week...not for my nails or hair...for my body and all over health. Scott at United Performance is going to kick my butt. I met with him yesterday and did my first work out. Boy am I feeling it today! I feel great, even with the aches.  Those aches are there to remind me to keep going, get stronger, keep working on me.

Yesterday after my workout...

Today...a little sore đŸ˜‰

This journey is never ending, there will be ups and downs. My goal is to feel good, and by next Spring I want to hike some pretty challenging trails with my 14 yr old son on some mother/son photography trips. Also, as a mom of an almost 5 year old, I want the energy and physique to keep up with his constant demands to run and play outside.

My ultimate goal is not based on a number on a scale or even body fat %. My goal is to feel the difference and share the whole truth of this journey with you.

Are you making good choices for your health? Are you struggling to be active or make healthy choices? Feel free to share your comments and join in the conversation.

You can do it...and so can I!

  1. Good for you, Ruth Ann, I need to look into doing this too, I have been so slack these past several months!

  2. You can do it! We need to make time to take care of ourselves.
    After the pain I went through getting back in the gym this week…I feel great now and it will get easier as the weeks go on and I get stronger.

  3. I couldn’t agree with this more. Honestly working out for me is so much more for my mental health than it is about my body or a number (I gave up on that a long time ago). I’ve come to realize that I can’t function without it, but it can be a real challenge to put myself first.

  4. Good for you! Keep at it đŸ™‚

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