Halloween Displays In Greater Moncton

Here it is, our yearlylist and map of Halloween Displays in Greater Moncton.

**** This list is updated yearly in early October and edited up until Halloween.****

The Fall is a great time to pack up the car, bring some snacks and go for a drive to see some of the best displays for Halloween in Moncton and region. There are many yards that are lit for evening viewing, while others are best-viewed daytime so you don’t miss any of the details. On the map, we have added some descriptions and photos to help you plan your outing.

Falcon Dr, Moncton

2022 is the 4th year we have maintained this list and map of Halloween Displays In Greater Moncton. We will confirm displays over the coming days and update the info on displays for Halloween in Moncton! If you or your neighbour have a yard decorated in the spirit of Halloween, please let us know.

For more fun family Halloween ideas, you may also want to read our Family Halloween Activities 2022 edition.

DISPLAY ADDRESSES 2022 (set up confirmed)

Interactive Map CLICK HERE


  • 96 Alexander Ave
  • 183 Barrieau Rd
  • 127 Broadview Ave
  • 180 Bulman Dr
  • 19 Candace Ln
  • 14 Deerfield Dr
  • 240 Drummond St
  • 232 Edgett Ave
  • 59 Falcon Dr
  • 14 Fieldcrest Dr
  • 178 First Ave
  • 140 Holland Dr
  • 323 Kendra St
  • 41 Marquette Ave
  • 168 Oak Ridge Dr
  • 22 Pellerin St
  • 105 Pellerin St
  • 100 Penrose St
  • 118 Preston Cres
  • 75 Rossmont Terrace
  • 39 Silverstone Dr
  • 155 Snow Ave
  • 239 Sunshine Dr
  • 31 Tanya Cres
  • 47 Warner St
  • 261 West Lane
  • 65 Whisperwood Dr
  • 52 Whitney Ave


  • 13 Ashburn Ave
  • 26 Ashburn Ave
  • 41 Berkley Dr
  • 224 Cleveland
  • 230 Cleveland
  • 117 Howard Ave
  • 33 Killarney Rd
  • 10 Lansdowne Ct
  • 47 Lansdowne ct
  • 45 McDowell Ave
  • 129 Sussex Ave
  • 131 Sussex Ave
  • 19 Waterfall Dr
  • 67 Weir Dr


  • 216 Bahama St
  • 11 Rue Eleonore
  • 23 François Court
  • 574 Notre Dame Rd
  • 38 Ulysse Dr

Alexander Ave, Moncton

This map will be updated regularly in October 2022. 🟠 Orange icons are 2021 displays, 🟣 PURPLE icons are verified as set up in 2022.

Click on the map addresses for details and some have photos!

Interactive Map CLICK HERE

Broadview Ave, Moncton


Don’t forget the Magnetic Hill Zoo decorations. Visit the animals and check out the fun Halloween displays. The Boo at the Zoo event is also a fun option! It’s a great chance for an outdoor family outing and fun photos.

Halloween in Moncton can be fun any year, and now we help you enjoy it all month with this map of some of the best Halloween Displays in Greater Moncton.

Some images from 2019/2020 displays!

Please comment with any other displays you know of, and feel free to submit a photo by email to ruthann@ruthswansburg.com

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