Grocery Shopping Jan 17th

Grocery Shopping  Jan 17th *


Today we went grocery shopping as a family (4 of us). Sometimes this can backfire, when we go without a plan. Today I think we stuck fairly close to plan and ended up with a couple extra deals. Shopping as a group can sometimes create challenges, but today I had my list and planned to get Clayton, my 3 yr old to help putting items in the cart. He did a great job helping, and daddy and big brother Lorne also helped occupy him when I was going through the cash.

We went to Atlantic Superstore and Walmart. Here is the break down of our shopping trip.
I will post my meal plan later to give you an idea of where the food fits into our plan for the week.

One thing I try to do each week is find he best produce prices and only pick up those items (unless there are other produce deals on the clearance rack, lots today, but I didn’t even look, too tempting).

Atlantic Superstore:

  • Onions $2
  • Carrots $2
  • Cauliflower X4 at $2.50 = $10
  • 3pk Romaine Lettuce $2.50
  • Golden Delicious Apples 4lb bag $2.50 – $0.75 (Coupgon) = $1.75
  • Avocado x2 @$1.67 each=$3.34 – $0.75 (Coupgon) = $2.59
  • PC Thin crust pizzas $5.49 (2,000 pts each) X4 = $21.96 (8,000 pts earned)
  • 4L Milk $6.35 – $1 (Coupgon)= $5.35
  • Eggs x2 @ $1.99 = $3.98
  • Sour Cream $1.89
  • No Name Waffles 8pk x6 @ 1.50 = $9 (Stocking up on these)
  • Larsen Hot Dog Wieners Lg Pack $5.99 (2,000 pts)
  • Hash Browns 2.69
  • PC Cream Cheese (lg) $4.99

TOTAL Out Of Pocket: $76.69
PC PLUS POINTS EARNED: 11,000 (10,000 in store and 1,000 digital)

I earned a total of 11,000 pts today, which equals $11 when I redeem them in the future. Plus there are points that will be added for my produce purchases through the Guiding Stars program later this month. I used 3 Coupgons to total $2.50 off at the cash as well.

We don’t usually buy that many hotdogs or waffles at one time, but they were good prices and we had none left of either. Eggs I purchased to make Breakfast Burritos and Omelet Muffins.

Next we went to Walmart and picked up a couple things.

  • Strawberries $2.97 (they are all out, so no luck there!)
  • Ground Chicken x2 (25% off) $5.08 = $10.16
  • Steak Packs x2 (25% off) 7.77 and 6.52 = $13.59
  • Bacon x2 $2.97 – $1 (tear pad) = $1.97 x2= $3.94

TOTAL Out of Pocket: $27.69

These groceries, in addition to what I have on hand, will feed us meals for most of the next 2 weeks. We will buy more salad ingredients for next week.
Watch the blog for my menu plan with the above groceries.


*Please keep in mind, there will be junk food and not so healthy options at times, but I try to shop relatively healthy. We have a family of 4, children 3 yrs and 12 yrs and 2 adults.

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