Grocery Shopping Feb 7, 2016

Grocery Shopping Feb 7


This is 2 weeks after posting my first Grocery Order shop for you. I didn’t post one last week, since I used mostly food from my pantry and freezer for our meals last week. I did pick up Milk, Coffee Cream and some yogurt last week. Other than that, we ate what was here.

For this week, I was focussed on getting a couple fresh veggies and meat. This morning was like Mark Down Central at the local Superstore! I scored a few great deals. The only thing I wasn’t able to pick up was Strawberries (I was not about to pay $7 for them. The last 3 times I have purchased strawberries they have gone moldy within 2 days. My little guy loves them, but it will have to be something else this week!

I will pick up a bag of apples and some bananas in a couple days, as we still have enough until mid week.

So, here is the breakdown with photos. I will share my meal plan later tonight.

Happy Shopping,

Ruth Ann


Whole Chicken $7.59
This is not for this week’s meals. I picked it up to freeze. Will use next week to prep meals.


Marked Down Meat
I do not usually purchase seasoned meats, but these were a great price. Plus it cut down on prep time for me today. I have to have everything prepped and ready before the big game starts tonight!

  • Lean Ground Chicken $8.14-50%=4.07 -$1.00 ground chicken (Coupgon) =$3.07
  • Lemon Chicken 4.19-50%=$2.10
  • Lemon Chicken  $3.52-50%=$1.76
  • 3 Pepper Beef Strips 2x $7=$14 -50%=$7
  • Total Meat including whole chicken above


This was completely unplanned, and I may have gone a little overboard. My little guy (3 yrs old) is going through a rough patch with food, he just does not want to eat. Yogurt drinks are one of the only things we are guaranteed he WILL eat.

Needless to say, at $2 for 6 drinks, I picked up 5 packs to last us a few weeks.

  • Mingo Drinks $3.99 -50%=$2
    I picked up 5, good until Feb 23rd.
  • Total spent=$10



  • Kale $2.99
  • Broccoli $2.99
  • 4pk Peppers $2.99
  • Tomatoes $1.99 (on mark down rack)

Total= $10.96


  • Black Diamond Cheese Blocks $4.99 -$1 coupon =$3.99 each



Salads are something I almost always pick up 50% off. I try to make my own, and some weeks I do, but most of the time when I buy the ingredients, something ends up going bad. This way I am usually paying about the same, and no waste. (I just wish I could find a use for the containers, maybe that is my next Pinterest search!)

Discount Salads: You have to look at the bottom to make sure they are not mushy 🙂 but most of the time they are good for a day or two.

2 small salads and 1 medium. This will do us 2 days.

  • Small Caesar $3.31-50%=$1.66
  • Small BLT $4.12 -50%=$2.06
  • Medium BLT $6.46 -50%=$3.32

Total $6.95



*Please keep in mind, there will be junk food and not so healthy options at times, but I try to shop relatively healthy. We have a family of 4, children 3 yrs and 12 yrs and 2 adults.

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