Gel Nails by Mykkaela Angelic Creations *Review*

Let me start by saying, I have never had gel nails before. This whole experience was new for me. Over the years I have always felt I liked how well I could do a basic manicure for myself, so I never sought out the services of anyone to do my nails. 

Well, now I think I may need my nails done all the time! Lisa offered me this service in exchange for a review of her service, all opinions and wording are my own.
As you may already know, I cook, bake and clean up in the kitchen often. With my hands in the sink to clean up dishes, nail polish does not last long. I also find in the winter my nails get brittle and break more often.

I am so impressed with the durability of gel nails. Honestly people, I had no idea!! These nails have been putting up decorations, baking, typing, even doing yard work and attaching Christmas lights to the shrubs outside. Not one flaw or mark to show for it!

Mykkaela Angelic Creations is the brand created by Lisa MacDonald Lutes. She has been in business doing nails for 16 years and you can tell she knows what she is doing. Lisa not only did an amazing job, but she is fast and affordable! 

Lisa has an in home studio in Riverview, NB. She offers gel nails and spray tanning services. As some of you may know, I am anxious when talking to people in person, and often avoid salons or anywhere that requires I engage in chit chat 🙂 Well, Lisa put me at ease immediately, and in addition to the beautiful nails she creates, she was so easy to talk to.

Gel Nails
~ $60.00 full set
~ $35.00 fills

You can also check out her spray tan services, I have read rave reviews online about the product and service offered. 

Spray Tan
~ $30.00 regular tan 
~ $40.00 rapid tan

Join Lisa’s Facebook Group here, to see specials, and photos.

*this post was sponsored by Mykkaela Angelic Creations. I received a free service in exchange for a review.

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