Frugal Living: 8 Ways To Save Money On Books

Frugal Living: 8 Ways To Save Money On Books

Buying books is something I am a little addicted to. I love to crack open a new book, love the look of a full bookshelf, and just like the paper. In the past few years, I have been trying to read more on my kobo and purchase less at the bookstore, but I feel our family are just plain book junkies! Slowly changing our habits.

My oldest son currently has two boxes of books in his room, that will be stored for when my younger son is ready. In the process of looking around at our book collection, I got to thinking about just how to reduce not only the cost but the clutter of this many books. Here are my tips on how to save on books. Enjoy!

Buying Books does not need to be expensive, you just need to be a little more aware of where to find the deals.

Used books can be found in various locations. Take the time to really look around and I’m sure you’ll find something you will enjoy. Check out this list of thrift and second-hand stores in Greater Moncton.

Used Book Stores:

You might be surprised just how many used book stores there are in your area. Often you can find fabulous deals on books, and you can usually take in old books to get store credit towards books you want to buy!

Thrift Stores & Yard Sales:

Another amazingly affordable and often surprising place to find a great book is a thrift store or yard sale. I love stopping at yard sales and finding great books for $0.05 to $o.25. 
Check out this list of second-hand and thrift stores in Greater Moncton.

Kijiji and other online buy/sell groups:

Search your local area on Kijiji or facebook for buy and sell groups. Lots of books available at affordable prices. These are usually a great spot to pick up a series of books. People tend to sell in groups of books online.

Library Sales:

Watch for your local library to have book sales, some even have a sale section they maintain all year.

Borrowing books is the most frugal way to save money on books.

Use The Library:

Always check to see what is available at the library before dishing out cash for a book. I have always loved having full bookshelves in my house, but you eventually realize that you will rarely, if ever go back and read them again. By borrowing the books at the library, you are saving money and creating less clutter in your home!

Book Swap:

Check with your friends and family to see if anyone wants to swap books. Why not start a local book club, where you meet for coffee or tea once a month and swap books? You can each bring 2 or 3 books to swap. Label your books to ensure you get them back (if you want them back).

Community Lending Groups:

There may be groups locally that already have a lending library. Some children’s playgroups, churches, charities, etc, will have lending libraries. If you are looking for books on specific topics, such as health issues, often times there are organizations specific to the topic and they will have a lending library as well.

Free Downloads on

On, there is a selection of free downloadable books available all the time. Check them out and download to your electronic devices. You will need the Kindle app (free). CLICK HERE to view free book options!

There are also lots of resources for discounts and other sites for buying books at a lower cost. These are just my top tips on how to save the most on books.

Do you have a tip or resource to share? Comment below with your tips!


3 thoughts on “Frugal Living: 8 Ways To Save Money On Books”

  1. The Moncton hospital also has tables selling books. Great place to find new titles to buy and to donate books to. The money goes to the Auxiliary I believe and they then buy items the hospital needs.

  2. That’s a great option as well. Thanks for the tip for those in the Moncton area!

  3. There is a website, you sign up and put in author and other types of preferences and they email you daily deals for Kobo, kindle, amazon.

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