Frugal & Fun: Make Your Own Birthday Cakes


On Dec 30, 2014, my little guy Clayton, turned 2 years old.

He LOVES Elmo and I was determined to make cupcakes or a cake that looked like Elmo. I went on Pinterest for ideas and had a plan to make a large cake and cut the shape of Elmo’s head out.

I went to the Bulk Barn for icing colouring (I did not want my red to look pink).

Then as I was going through the cash with my red icing dye, a couple of new tips for my icing bag and a small tube of black icing, the cashier asked what I was making.

When I told her Elmo, she asked if I had the cake pan. I told her I planned to make the shape from a slab cake.
Well…here’s the part where she saved my sanity and alot of time for me!!

Did you know you can rent cake pans from the Bulk Barn?

She pointed to the wall covered in cake pans (which I never really paid attention to in the past) and explained how, for only $3/day I could use the pan and bring it back. At that price, who wouldn’t?
I paid a deposit (which I got back the next day) and went home with the pan.


Here’s what you get for $2.99
Pan, instructions on how to decorate and a recipe for icing!


This is what I was able to do:
Not bad, eh?


So, next birthday, I will be checking out the selection of cake pans BEFORE deciding on a party theme. This was a huge money saver! Not to mention fun for me to make 🙂