Frugal Family: Saving with Kids

FRUGAL FAMILY: Saving with Kids

Having children is costly for everyone. We all know that every activity and meal out can cost a whole lot more when you have children. Here are some tips on how to save on some of your expenses with children.

There are lots of baby freebies available. Most formula and diaper companies offer free baby kits, samples, and coupons. Even if you do not plan to use formula, there are other samples and other useful items in the kits. You can donate formula to pregnancy resource center or a food bank.

On our website, HERE, we have a list of free baby clubs and offers including baby slings, leggings, car seat cover, safety latch kits and more.


  • Chances are as your children grow, you will meet and become friends with other moms who have children around the same ages. You can create a group in your neighbourhood/community to do regular (quarterly) clothing swaps.
  • Second Hand / Consignment stores. Buy and sell your clothes second hand. If you go through a consignment store, they usually hold credit for you to use back in the store, or pay you outright when your item sells. (List of thrift and consignment stores in Greater Moncton)
  • Kijiji, Facebook groups, and yard sales are all great places to find high-quality clothing for very little cost. Remember, people are looking to get rid of their items, so always ask for a deal! (Tips to preparing for and buy at yard sales)

Many restaurants have free kids meals offers, most require an adult to purchase an entree as well. Most restaurant websites will feature a kids section with whatever their promo is. It could be a certain day of the week, so be sure to plan ahead. Click here for a List of Canadian Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free


You will find that every community has family and children’s activities that are available year round. A few of them are:


  • FREE MAGAZINE: Lego offers a free monthly magazine free for your child. Kids love getting things in the mail, so why not order this magazine for them?
  • When I had my children we received a pack of free books, many ppre-kindergartenprograms offer books as well.
  • Libraries are an amazing resource that many of us forget about. Free reading clubs are a wonderful way to encourage our youth to read.
  • Digital books are available online and at your public library as well

These are only a few ways to have fun and enjoy your growing family, without always worrying about the money going out!

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