Looking to save the most each time you shop? Planning and being organized it the key to the most savings. 

Here is a printable shopping list to help you stay focused and organized. Keep track of the savings strategies you use starting with the store and sale price of an item. Enter the coupons you have for each item, so you don’t forget to use them.

List any Cash Back offers you will use. They are updated weekly and you will want to plan ahead to claim them. 

Mail In Rebates are another great way to save on items that are newer on the market. Be sure to keep your receipt to submit the rebate. Some manufacturers are letting you submit online now, but most still require a receipt to be mailed in to claim the offer.


Download this PDF shopping list.

I find this shopping list very useful when trying to keep track of the best deals of the week and reminding me if I need to have coupons or scan receipts after shopping.

Don’t forget to print our Meal Planner as well, to help keep you even more organized.

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