Fall Nature Crafts For Kids

Fall in New Brunswick brings us beautiful colours and wonderful refreshing days, perfect for getting outside.

Daytrips in New Brunswick are a huge part of our family adventures in all seasons, but in the Fall, they become even more of an adventure with the added beauty of the scenery. 

Let’s get to the crafts…
Nature provides so many elements we can incorporate into our creative projects. I encourage you to get outside, walk a new nature trail close by, visit a park, look closer at your garden. There are treasures to be found everywhere. A simple walk in the woods, stroll on a beach, or even just in the back yard, can produce all we need to make some fun crafts with the kids.
After a few stops to collect supplies from nature, we had some rocks, beach glass, twigs, leaves, berries, flowers and pine cones.
Leaf Painting (Silhouettes & Stamps)
We started off with a fun silhouette painting. We used leaves to paint around and create leaf silhouettes, then used the leaves as stamps. Most kids will agree, any project including paint is fun!
  • Leaves
  • Paint
  • Foam paint brush
  • Paper

Tree Craft

With a few twigs, some sea glass or you coud use leaves, you can create various “trees” on paper, a piece of wood or cardboard. Simply glue twigs and sea glass to your background.

Here is one we did with sea glass.

Rock & Twine Macrame Necklace

Next was a little more time consuming, and best done with older kids, probably 9+. We made a macrame necklace with a rock in it.
  • Starting with 8 strands of twine, you knot it and secure it to a table or other object with tape. 
  • Divide the strands into 4 pairs and tie a knot about 1/4 -1/2 inch from base knot. 
  • Work your way around creating 4 knots.
  • Then seperate the strands of each of those knots, and tie one side to the knot next to it, working your way around the circle. The distance between the knots will determine the size of the “pouch” it creates. 
    Here are some basic instructions for a similar necklace with photos.
Nature’s Windchime

We used some twigs,  twine and berries, acorns and leaves to make this cute windchime. There are so many possibilities and combinations you could use to create your own version of this.
These are just a few ideas of the fun you can have with elements from nature. Grab a bucket, head out into nature, and collect some things you can use to encourage creativity, learning and simple fun with your children!

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  1. Beautiful! Having been an islander, sea glass art speaks directly to my heart! I love the idea of having children handle nature items and see them beyond the outdoors – to take them inside, use them in loose parts play and then to create something beautiful with them. Great post!

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