6 Week Get Outside Challenge #EU_GetOutsideChallenge

Who’s up for a little challenge? Do you notice how much better you feel after getting some fresh air? Do you need a some added motivation or accountability to get moving and outside, especially this time of year?

Here’s my 6 Week Get Outside Challenge

I challenge you to get outside for 30 minutes a day. Preferably 30 minutes straight, but if you have to split it up, that counts too. You do not have to do anything strenuous, just get outside. This challenge can be simply to get you moving, or to help you clear your head, to learn to take time for you, etc. 

It is very easy to get outside in the Spring and Summer. We tend to start to stay in as the temperatures get colder. 

My personal goal is to do this for mental clarity, feeling better both mentally and physically, and giving me a goal to reach. Who knows, by week six this may become a habit (hopefully) I will want to continue regardless of weather and season.

▪︎I will share a pic or video each day as I get outside. I challenge you to join me.

▪︎If you want to keep track, I have a handy print out you can download the PDF file here

▪︎If you need to do 15 minutes in the morning and 15 in the evening, it still counts. However you need to break it up, just get that 30 minutes (or more).

▪︎If you comment sharing what you do on my daily social media post, your name will go into a draw for a prize at the end of the 6 weeks.

▪︎Every time you use this hashtag (#EU_GetOutsideChallenge) when you share a pic of your outdoor time, your name goes into a weekly draw. Share on Facebook or Instagram. 

Are you in?

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Some ideas for outdoor Winter Activities

  • Walking is an easy to do anywhere activity to get you outside and moving. If you walk your dog twice a day, that counts too.
  • Cleaning off your car, steps, etc…it all counts towards being outside!
  • Build a snowman or fort! (Extra fun if you have the kids helping)
  • Go bird watching (there is no rule that you have to be moving the whole time).
  • Snowshoeing or skiing are awesome activities to get you outside.
  • Skating at an outdoor community rink.
  • Go sledding (here are some locations for sledding around NB)
  • Etc…just breathe in the fresh air. Dress for the weather (cold, wet, nice). 
Click to open PDF file and print your tracking sheet.


BUSINESS OWNERS: If you would like the  to sponsor one of our 6 weekly draws or be part of our grand prize draw at the end of the 6 weeks, please email ruthann@everythingunscrited.com for details.


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