Just Ask A Vet – Episode 18: What Food Is NOT Good For Your Dog

In Episode 18 of the “Just Ask A Vet” series with Dr. Susan Malone, which aired last week live on Facebook, we shared information about food, what is not safe for pets and why.

Just Ask A Vet is a series sponsored by Maritime Animal Hospital

Some food that we consume as humans can be toxic to our dogs, today we are talking about what those foods are and what happens if your pet consumes them.

Foods Not To Feed Your Dog

  • Chocolate (Cocoa, Baking Chocolate, and dark Chocolates are most harmful)
    Watch for symptoms such as pacing, panting, vomiting, diarrhea, fast heart rate, possible seizures…
  •  Xylitol – In chewing gum, candies, low-fat Peanut Butter, etc
    Read labels and never give anything with Xylitol. A symptom is lethargy and they act sick, you should be able to pick up on it.
  • Raisins / Grapes
    Causes kidney failure. 

  • Onion / Garlic
    May cause Hemolytic anemia, abnoraml break down of red blood cells. Symptoms might include weakness, vomiting, breathlessness, and a loss of interest in food.
  • Cannabis
    They are attracted to the smell, but will need to be monitored at the vet.
  • Nuts
    Choking and some have reactions to Brazil Nuts.
  • Bread Dough
    Can become a blockage and choking habit if ingested, as it expands.

  • Cooked Bones
    Will splinter and cause obstructions and can cause internal problems if swallowed.

GARBAGE: Keep garbage cans out of reach of your pets. Food waste can be harmful, bones and spoiling food can cause many health problems.

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