Easter Egg Fillers (No Candy)

Easter Egg Fillers (No Candy)


Food Options: Use these fillings for little children, or as a fun idea for an Easter theme lunch. Serve in an egg carton!

    • Grapes
    • Mini Carrot Sticks/ Celery Sticks
    • Berries
    • Raisins
    • Cheerios
    • Healthy Fruit Snacks
    • Goldfish or Other Mini Crackers
    • Cheese or Sandwiches cut with a cookie cutter

Little things that fit in the eggs but are not food:

    • Easter Erasers
    • Fancy Socks
    • Hair ties, clips, bows

    • Stickers
    • Lipgloss
    • Small bottles of nail polish
    • costume jewelry
    • Easter Theme Stamps
    • Play Dough (Make Your Own)
    • Shopkins/ or other surprise bag little characters
    • Army men
    • Finger Puppets
    • Headphones
    • Lego Mini Figures
    • Temporary tattoos
    • Small toy car
    • Mini yo-yo/slinky
    • Shoelaces
    • Whistle
    • Puzzle pieces (a few pieces in each egg)
    • Seeds (flower or veggie)
Maybe your kids are teens or tweens and find everything too fast? Why not try to make it more of a challenge.

Egg Scavenger Hunt

Keep it simple and have a basket at the end as the “prize”.
Hints can be as simple as:
Note taped to the doorknob of their room:
“Are you ready to find the first egg in your hunt? Look under your pillow (or bed)”
Hint #1
“As I hopped around hiding eggs, I needed a cold drink to keep me going”The next clue is in the fridge by the milk.
Hint #2
“I heard a noise in the driveway and went to the window”
And so on…

Another idea from Gina at East Coast Mommy
Bedtime Passes (free printable)
bunny bedtime passes

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