Earth Day Craft – Recycled Tree

After making the Coffee Filter Earth craft we started looking for other items to use to make crafts. I keep old cardboard boxes cut up and ready to use for crafts, as a surface to work on, or just to build with. Egg cartons are another thing we have on hand all the time. So, we decided to make a recycled tree!

The only paint we had on hand was finger paints in red, blue and yellow. We mixed blue and yellow to make our green, but when I added the red to try for brown, well, it didn’t work out! As you can see, I used a brown marker for the tree trunk. It actually looks better than the paint would have.

You Will Need:

  • Egg Carton
  • Paper Towel Tube (or a couple of bathroom tissue rolls)
  • Markers and/or Paint
  • Glue
  • a piece of cardboard big enough to glue the tree to


  1. Start out by separating the egg cartons and painting green. If you have a very young child, you can leave the carton intact and they can paint the outside all as one piece. (separating it after the paint dries) I did not cut the cartons just broke them apart, leaving jagged edges. No precision needed for this project.
  2. Set the egg cartons aside to dry and paint or colour the tree trunk brown.
  3. Glue the trunk and egg cartons to the cardboard to create your tree. We then added some green paint to fill in the greenery of the tree.


Another successful, unplanned Earth Day craft. I love crafting with our preschooler. He is sometimes hard to keep focused, but paint is almost always a winner with him.

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  1. Your Earth Day craft, the recycled tree, is a brilliant way to celebrate sustainability. The use of recycled materials adds an eco-friendly touch to creativity, making it a perfect project for instilling environmental consciousness in young minds. Fantastic idea!

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