Dollar shave club / Dorco usa review

So you may have seen ad’s recently for the dollar shave club, “great shave for only a few bucks a month” I was curious about them so I signed up for the service 10$ a month get 4 blades mailed out to you. How can you go wrong? So while waiting for my blades to come in I did some research and found that their supplier is a company called dorco they provide the same blades but at a lower price.

I got my blades in the mail a few days later I tried it out and I was impressed with the shave, it gave me a nice clean shave no razor burn or anything I really liked it.

So I decided to see if I could get the blades cheaper being frugal and all why not. So a few days ago I went on the dorco site and ordered 8 boxes of blades and one start kit. You need to get 40$ us to qualify for free shipping. With the exchange rate it came to just over 53$ Canadian with a 20% discount, it only took 9 days to get to me.

So if you’re tired of paying high prices for blades you need to check them out. They also have a women’s line.

If you’re not quite sure you want to drop all that money in one shot try the dollar shave club for a month see if you like the blades then order from dorco.

Cost break down

Gillette proglide                                               dollar shave club                              Dorco

22.75 w/tax 4 blades       5.68/1                   10.35 4 blades    2.58/1                   9.74 4 blades 2.43/1

182.00 / 8 packs of 4        5.68/1                   82.80 8 pks of 4 2.58 /1                   53.00 / 8pks of 4 1.65 /1


To order click here and you’ll get a 20% discount

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