DIY Shower Cleaner

DIY Shower Cleaner


One of my least favourite chores is cleaning the shower. It often get’s overlooked until it is bad enough to need a good scrub. I have tried the daily sprays and just cannot seem to get everyone in the house to use it, plus we end up inhaling the chemicals as we spray, and there are just too many chemicals around us these days. Many commercial cleaners are harsh or over scented. This recipe is my solution to help cut down on the chemicals floating in the air, and it is super simple and frugal!

In the past, I have tried all kinds of soap scum removers, homemade solutions and store-bought cleaners. This is my version of a cleaner that you often see using Dawn Dish Soap. I substituted Avon Bubble Bath in this version(I use it for so many other things too). It not only works fabulous, but it also smells amazing! If you are looking for a rep, you can purchase AVON Bubble Bath from me! Visit my website for current brochures and to place an order.

Here’s how to make and apply the cleaner.


  • Baking Soda
  • Avon Bubble Bath *(or blue Dawn Dish soap)
  • Vinegar

Some recipes call for this to be mixed in a bottle or bucket, I am too lazy for that!

Sprinkle a good amount of baking soda on the bottom of your tub or shower. Next add a squirt (about 3-4 cap fulls) of bubble bath.

Next comes the fun part. Add enough vinegar to wet baking soda and make a foamy coating on the bottom of your shower.

Using a sponge, spread the paste-like, foamy mixture up the walls in a circular motion. You simply need to coat it all, no heavy scrubbing.  If you don’t have enough, add more and mix.

I letit sit for an hour then using a wet cloth (old towel cut up) wipe down the walls. If you have a movable shower head, you can rinse it off by spraying down the shower.

You can use this cleaner and method as needed. This is a deep clean method.


*Avon Bubble Bath Tip: Always select a scent that is clear, not opaque. The opaque varieties contain oils that will leave smears. The clear ones leave a streak free finish!

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  1. I cannot believe how well this worked. My grungy shower curtain (that stopped coming clean in the washing machine after soaking even) came out absolutely sparkling with a minimum of effort. Thanks so much for sharing.

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