DIY Paints for the Kids!

DIY Paints for the Kids!

Painting is something I have always loved. There is something so rewarding about using your hands to create. Taking blobs of colour and making them into something. I also love to get messy, and these paint recipes for kids are the perfect way to share my love of painting with my kids!
These all look like so much fun. We will have a blast trying each of these out. As I try each one, I will add our feedback to this page.

DIY Foam Paint from Dabbles and Babbles
I am going to try this one tomorrow. As a couponer,  I have lots of shaving cream in my stockpile!

Baking Soda Paint from Learn Play Imagine
Love the fun effects and designs created with this process. Children a little older will appreciate it more, but still lots of fun with the young ones.

Pudding Finger Paint from Raising Little Super Heroes
This one is fun and makes a great paint for fingerprinting paper. Pale colours but smells good 🙂

More kids activities are available here:

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