DIY Dishwasher Tabs

Vera is back with another DIY for you! Thanks again for sharing all your great DIY Projects Vera. image Hi all being creative again this time making dish washer tabs.  This was not hard or long process.   The drying took longer than the actual making.  I mixed and pressed down the tabs in under 10 kind of creativity.  Again went out and bought these ingredients just to make this to get a true cost(except for epson salts i had a huge container) ☆ UPDATELeave out the Epson salts it leaves a film on dishes. Use kosher salt if you have hard water. Otherwise you don't need salt at all.  I'm experimenting with powder this week. What you need: 1 cup borax powder 1 cup washing soda(not baking soda) 1/4 cup Epson salt Kosher salt (if hard water) 1/4 cup lemon juice Two ice cube trays. image Mix together dry ingredients.  Mix well since this will be separated into cubes.  Then add the lemon juice this will fizz up.  Put into your ice cube trays and evenly distribute over two trays.  Press down and voila let sit and dry for 24 hours. Here is the cost break down for me. I lucked out and Borax was on sale. 4.99 for borax 2kg which is 8.45 cups equals .59 per cup(regular price is .83/cup) 5.79 for washing soda 3kg which is 12.68 cups equals .46 per cup 1.99 for lemon juice 945 ml which is 3.99 cups which equals .12 for 1/4 cups 19.99 for 5 kg of Epson salt which is 23.25 cups equals .22 per 1/4 cup(bought last year) Now add that all up is 1.39 for 32 cubes equalling .04 per cube.  Regular price would've been .05 per tab. This is before taxes. I have never bought dishwasher tabs for under .10 per tab before taxes ever....that is using coupons on a clearance item.
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