#DiscoverNBBeaches – Reeds Beach

As you can tell, based on our previous beach adventures, we have been visiting some beaches on some windy and cooler days. To be fair, often it is much warmer and even sunny inland, but when you head towards the Fundy Coast, you never know what’s in store. When heading out on any road trip, and especially a beach trip, always dress in layers and pack a sweatshirt!

We visited Reeds Beach in Gardner Creek, NB, last August.  Beach access is along the main road, with a small parking lot just big enough to drive in and turn around. My mother was with us this day, she was still recovering from her stroke and had fairly good mobility, and no issues getting onto this beach via a short trail. I would consider it easy access.


Reeds Beach is a combination of sand and rocky beach. The perfect spot to spend the day, picnic or bring a folding chair and read a book. Lot’s of space to run and play, and very peaceful!

We were exposing Bo to new things all summer, and this was his first experience with rolling waves. The water was very rough the day we visited Reeds Beach. At first he was adventurous, but the water hitting his paws and the loud crashing waves were a bit too much to keep him close to the water.

Both Lorne and Clayton enjoy exploring and searching for beach treasures. In this case, they found various types of seaweed and many unique rocks. Bo was keeping a close eye on them!

This beach is in a natural state, with no facilities on site. There is a small parking area just off the road, and you need to walk through a short path to the beach. It is the second beach we visited along the route from Saint John to St. Martin’s. Mc Leod’s Beach, this one and Gardner Creek Beach are within 10 minutes of each other by car.


Here are some other beaches in our #DiscoverNBBeaches series:

Exact Location of Reed’s Beach : 

45°15’31.0″N 65°45’44.7″W

NB – 825
Simonds NB

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