#discoverNBbeaches – Pebble Beach, Harvey

Pebble Beach is a such a beautiful spot, fun for the kids, wonderful to photograph and at low tide, lots of space to hike and explore. Pebble Beach is part of the Cape Enrage Nature Preserve just north of Cape Enrage, on the Bay of Fundy in Albert County. 

We arrived at Pebble Beach around 10am just as the tide started to come back in. There is a small parking area along the road to Cape Enrage. When you park, you will simply walk toward the ocean over the mound of beach pebbles and driftwood along the front of the parking lot. 

You will be greeted by a beautiful display of inukshuks. The rocks on Pebble Beach are smooth and so beautiful. When the tide is low, you will have some sand to walk on, but most of the beach is larger pebbles, hence the name, Pebble Beach!

Location: 225 Cape Enrage Rd, Harvey Cape Enrage Rd, Harvey, NB E4H 4Z4
 45°35’54.5″N 64°46’59.5″W

As on all NB beaches, rocks and fossils may not be removed. 

Discover NB Beaches

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