#DiscoverNBBeaches – McLeod’s Beach

When travelling from Saint John to St Martin’s on Route 111, why not venture along the coast via Route 825 and visit a few beaches along the way? McLeod’s Beach is the first of 3 beaches you will come across. 

McLeod’s Beach, Reed’s Beach and Gardner Creek Beach are all on NB Route 825. 

There is no parking, so we pulled off along the side of the road, there are a few spots with a little shoulder. When the tide is out, you can talk a long hike on the beach. There is a small brook you will have to cross at low tide, not crossable (unless you swim) at high tide. Bo was not impressed with the slippery rocks (as you can see in the pic). A towel and water shoes, or removing shoes will be required). Once across the brook, there is a rocky beach that gets sandy in spots.

The day we ventured to McLeod’s Beach was sunny when we arrived, became overcast…and then a storm was brewing! A great reminder to always be prepared with towels, change of clothes and a smile 🙂 

We enjoyed exploring for a short time, and got caught in a major down pour on the way back to the car, one of the best beach trip memories yet. I am looking forward to going back to this beach and spending some time.

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Exact Location of McLeod’s Beach : 

45°15’47.6″N 65°46’52.5″W

1102 NB-825
Black River, NB E2S 1Y7

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