#DiscoverNBBeaches – Tuft’s Point & Long Beach

This beach is such a lovely spot for a relaxing stroll, exploring with the kids, a picnic lunch or just to stop and soak up the fresh sea air.

Discover NB Beaches – Tuft’s Point & Long Beach

The Fundy Trail Pathway extended their car route further along the Fundy coastline to Tuft’s Point (an now, 2018, beyond to Walten Glen Gorge). You enter the park after passing through St. Martin’s NB, and you can read more about the park itself, here in our day tripping feature. The Fundy Trail Parkway is a park that has an entry fee (See rates here)

We went twice last summer, the first trip was just Clayton and I. We had such an awesome time that only a few weeks later we went back with the whole family, including my mom.

I will let the photos show you the beauty of this beach.

Above is the view from the look off along the road, before you reach the beach.

Clayton enjoyed climbing this large pieve of drift wood found on the beach. The terrain is part sand, rocks and pebbles. There is a brook that runs to the beach, and you can explore the various areas of the beach from the parking lot access, and venture along the coast in both directions.

Above is a photo from a visit when it was high tide.

There is a combintion of rocks, sand and gravel on this beach.

Water shoes or Crocs make the perfect footwear for strolling along the low tide streams.

Because of the tides, the beach can appear to be huge or just a small strip along the coastline.

The water is cold, it is the Bay of Fundy, nut perfect for a splash or dipping your toes in.

Tuft’s Point Plateau Look Off provides a large picnic area with shelters and a pathway to the beach. The pathway is easily accessible for strollers and wheelchairs. There is a small seating area close to the beach to enjoy the view and soak up the ocean air. The beach access is down 3 or 4 steps to the sand. Sand is not firm, and will not be good for wheels.
There are 2 outhouses just off the parking lot near the Tuft’s Point Plateau Look Off.

This beach is dog and family friendly, a must visit on the Fundy Trail Parkway! #GrowingUpNB

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  1. That place looks beautiful! Thanks for giving me a great day trip idea. I do not have any children but i am sure my dog would love it just as much! 🙂

  2. Yes, it is beautiful there, and tons of space. We are getting a puppy this summer and will be exploring lots of dog friendly places!

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