Discover NB Beaches – Point Wolf Beach

One of my favourite spots in Fundy National Park is Point Wolf Beach.

Just before crossing the Point Wolf covered bridge, be sure to stop at the Red Chairs and enjoy the view.

FUN FACT: There are 60 covered bridges in New Brunswick. This one was built in 1992 and is 29m long.

Arriving in the parking lot there are a few trail choices. We just wanted to visit the beach this time, so we took the windy and slightly sloped pathway through the evergreen landscape, and went directly to Point Wolf Beach.

The forest meets the beach and here you can see a small waterfall that comes to a little brook at the beach. Had it been a warmer day, Clayton would have enjoyed a bare foot stroll and exploring the little waterfall area. We chose to stay dry on this visit and toss a few rocks in the water.

The beach is a combination of sand and rocks. There are also plenty of boulders and other areas to explore if you chose to follow the coastline towards the Bay of Fundy, or back towards the covered bridge.

Heading back to the car meant a short climb, a little steep at times, but not difficult and accessible for strollers.

Here are a couple pics from a previous visit (this is Lorne, our oldest son, almost 9 years ago!)

This is an unsupervised, saltwater beach.

Follow along and discover more NB beaches here.

2 thoughts on “Discover NB Beaches – Point Wolf Beach”

  1. We love exploring the beaches on the QC side as well as the NB side. It’s a great way to go on a family adventure for free, learn about new places/beaches/sea creatures and it’s a great way to get in exercise and fresh air.
    Love the pics BTW 🙂

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