#DiscoverNBBeaches – Herring Cove Beach

Discover NB Beaches – Herring Cove Beach

Herring Cove Beach is another Fundy National Park beach that we visit yearly. Over the years it has remained a popular beach with access from two trails.

One trail is a little hike in the woods and comes down to the beach behind a small brook and seasonal pond, depending on time of year or tide levels. You enter this trail from the parking area above Herring Cove, close to washroom facilities.

The second access point is across the large picnic area, an open field with lookout deck at the top of the stairs leading to the beach. This access is via many stairs and steep. I remember when it was a path down the steep hill with stairs scattered along the way, now it is all stairs built the emtire way to the beach at Herring Cove.

Lookout at Herring Cove.
View from the lookout by the picnic area.
Stairs going down to Herring Cove beach:  Clayton and I went to Herring Cove in June 2017 and he climbed all the stairs on his own. He was 4 1/2 years old. He did get tired going back up, for the last 12 steps.

Herring Cove is a lovely spot at both high and low tides, worth a visit any time of day you may be there.

High tide at Herring Cove Beach
Low tide at Herring Cove Beach

This is another place in Fundy National Park where the forest meets the ocean with beautiful contrast. There are apple trees that overhang the beach, beautiful on our last visit, as you can see the apple blosoms in the photos.

Here are some photos at low tide, taken in June 2017 and high tide from a 2015 visit.


High tide pond behind beach.
Low tide “pond” becomes a brook.

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  1. My grandfather, William Hay had a summer home there. My father, brothers and sister spend a good part of summer there, with their father coming from Sussex for weekends. The land was expropriated for the forming of the park. The foundations of the three cottages are still visible along the old road near the root trail to the beach.

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