Decorative Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Decorative Christmas Wrapping Ideas

We usually spend lots of time picking out the perfect gift and budgeting our purchases, but how much time do we spend on wrapping?
If we are going through the trouble to be creative with our ideas for gifts, why not present them in a beautiful way. Gift wrap does not need to be expensive, as you will see in the examples I found below. Hope these inspire you this holiday season!


Santa’s Belt Gift Wrap: Simple and everyone recognizes what it is. Plain red paper, black ribbon and gold cardstock!

Cookie Exchange Boxes: shared this frugal and creative way to box cookies for a cookie exchange. Saran Wrap, Tin Foil or Parchment paper boxes are the perfect size to box cookies.

DIY Gift Bag: Innova Crafts presents a simple way to make a gift back from a piece of paper.


Here’s another DIY Bag variation from Designer Trapped

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Cute idea for the kids from Miss Webbie. Colour Me and Car With Road. These could be made a little more Christmas themed by using different colour paper or crayons with a Christmas wrapper or tape.


Another really cute Kids Wrap Idea! From Lines Across:  Make this reindeer from a brown paper lunch bag!

I love these from October Afternoon:
It could be as simple as Christmas Washi tape with a bow on top, a Large Glitter Number with paint splattered paper, Paper Pennants and Twine or some Colourful buttons and paper cutouts collage. Use up some of those odds and ends in your paper crafting stash!


My artsy side LOVES these DIY Chalk Board Wrapped Gifts! By Going Home to Roost
You could do this same technique on any dark paper, Green or Red/ Burgundy if you want it a little more “in season”. But I really like this idea as it is.

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