Day Tripping – Cape Jourimain Nature Centre

Day Tripping - Cape Jourimain Nature Centre

Looking for a beautiful view, eco friendly site, walking trails and educational experience for the family?
Cape Jourimain is such a gem. We only discovered it in the past few years and have visited 3 times already.

Cape Jourimain Nature Centre is located just at the start of the NB side of Confederation Bridge. You turn off for the Tourist Information center just before going onto the bridge. Once parked at the tourist info center, you go through the back doors onto the wooden boardwalk that takes you to the Cape Jourimain Nature Centre.

One of my favourite things about this place, besides the beautiful views, is that it is eco friendly. Recycled rain water in the bathrooms, composting toilets, solar powered fountain and windmill power in the center. There is a small room with a bicycle powered light, great for demonstrating to children. More info is available on energy resources in the room as well. There is an interpretive center with info on local history and the ecosystems surrounding the park.

Once outside again, you can climb the lookout tower for a spectacular view of Confederation Bridge and the lighthouse. There is beach access close by and lovely coastal and inland nature trails to choose from. This is a 621 hectare site full of history. We have not explored the entire system of trails ranging from 2km to 6kms. We did do the trail to the 19th century lighthouse and it is stroller friendly, a nice long walk when hiking with children. Most of this hike is through wooded areas providing shade on hot days as well.


We started an inland trail on another visit, but found it hot and the mosquitos were thick. I would advise long sleeve cotton clothing, and bug repellent. This year we plan to return and explore the marshes and other ecosystems (10 in total). Binoculars will be a must to do some bird watching!

Below are images of the interpretive center, the pic with all the screens shows the many species of birds in the area, my boys sitting on an ice wall, and views of the lighthouse and bridge.


For more info visit their website HERE

There is no fee to visit, although I would encourage you to make a donation in their donation box in the center.
There is also a gift shop and restaurant on site.
If you have lots of time, why not catch a shuttle across the bridge to PEI and grab a Cows Ice Cream in Borden?

  1. Thank you so much for these day trips. I never would have gone to some of these places if you hadn’t done this.

  2. I am so happy to hear it helps. We are going to be sharing many more as we head to more locations. Thank you so much for the feedback!

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