Saving 101

Saving 101

We have put together tips and resources to help you learn how to coupon and other strategies to help you save on your everyday purchases. These tips and articles are divided into two sections to help you find what you need:
You can learn The Basics of Couponing, as well as Advanced Savvy Shopping techniques!

The Basics Of Couponing: Not sure where to find coupons? Maybe you are unsure how to read them? Do you have other basic couponing questions? Here is the place to start!
It’s not just about clipping coupons, it is about thinking in a new way, about how you shop now, and what you could be doing to save more money. The information in this section of the site will help you look at shopping in a new way, and hopefully start saving big $$$.

Advanced Savvy Shopping: We all know that using coupons is a great way to save, but there is more! In addition to saving with coupons, you can use apps, price matching and other savings strategies to save even more. Check out the additional options you have when it comes to saving in the store and keeping track of your savings at home.
Shopping Brags:  We used to share our shopping trips. These will help you see just how much you can save, and what strategies weuse to get the deals posted. There are examples of all types of products, as well as examples of Price Matching, Using Coupons and Cash Back Apps together, Clearance finds, etc…
If you wish to see more current examples, join our Facebook Group at Moncton Coupon Lady Chat.

More Ways to Save

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4 thoughts on “Saving 101”

  1. Hi. I’m new to your site. I have a quick question: I noticed the coupon for Robin Hood Flour. Do I just print it off and present it at the cash? Is the coupon good for only one bag of flour? Can I print multiple coupons per item?

    Thanks for any help you can give. 🙂


  2. Hi, can use please tell me how to find a site where I can print coupons from my tablet? Am having nothing but problems trying!

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