Colouring Books for Stress Relief


Colouring Books for Stress Relief

Why Would I Start Colouring?

When I started to think about why these books are so popular, I realized my biggest reason for wanting one was to get me off electronics for a bit. You can be creative, yet think about nothing, and you are not staring at a screen!

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Colouring is also something you can do while your kids are colouring. Or maybe it is your secret stash of pencils you keep packed away until they go to bed? You might even consider getting together with a group of friends for some colouring time. 

Giving your brain a creative outlet, without having to overthink anything is a great stress reliever.

You can even find fun books like this Disney Mandala book!

Or Swear Books like this one!

How To Choose The Right Book

With so many colouring books available, it’s hard to know which ones are the best.
It will come down to what medium you plan to use for colouring. Are you going to stick with pencil crayons (colouring pencils) or use markers? Maybe you like pastels or watercolors?
Take into consideration the medium when you look for a book with double side pages, or single sided. Markers and watercolors will bleed through paper, so single sided work best for those.
Cheaper books from a dollar store work just fine with pencil crayons, but not so great with markers.

Here are a few options to print right from our website.


You can purchase books like these on Amazon…

Amazing Patterns Adult Colouring Book

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