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With Christmas right around the corner, houses are being decorated inside and out. Some people have a few strands of lights, while others go all out. 

With lockdowns, no parade, limited access to activities, etc, we hope to make 2020’s list and map a favourite resource for families in Greater Moncton.

We have compiled a list of all the bigger or unique (one of a kind) light displays in the Greater Moncton region. The list was compiled on our Facebook page in 2018 & 2019, and we will continue to update and add to it here on the blog.

If you are looking for more family fun in Moncton, check out 11 Free Family Activities In Moncton, or our list of outdoor skating venues in Greater Moncton. If the snow is on the ground, we also have a great list of all the Sleigh Rides In New Brunswick.

This list will be changing and growing as more houses are discovered!!

Here’s the map for 2020!

47 Warner, reader submitted

106 Kenmore


  • Wild Lights at the Magnetic Hill Zoo – 2020 Wild Lights special event is starting on Thursday, December 10th from 4:30-8:30 pm and will continue all month long! Tickets are now available online for the December 10-14 dates and more dates will be added at a later time. Event details: Check out our visit a few years ago)
  • 3202 Mountain Rd.  We stopped and chatted with the creator a couple of years ago. He runs the animations and enjoys creating the display each year. Thousands of animated lights!
  • 24 Colby Cres 
  • 141 OakRidge Dr. 
  • 22 Falcon Dr – Stop for a few minutes to see all the details in the light display at Falcon Dr. Lot’s to see.
  • 59 Falcon Dr. 
  • 39 Silverstone Dr
  • 243 Glencairn Dr.
  • 48 Candace Lane
  • 1 Basswood ct – From the homeowner “Our Santa was made by my husband’s father 25 years ago. Not fancy just pretty special to us.”
  • 142 Teaberry Ave
  • 245 Twin Oaks Drive – Nice grouping of large snowmen and nicely lit house.
  • 73 Salengro Cres (off Amiens) set to music. Shows run from 5 pm to 9 pm nightly.
  • Belay Street
  • 40 Pebble Creek Way
  • 83 Pebble Creek Way
  • 41 Isington St
  • 122 Mailhot – Lots of nice lights!
  • 6 Foxwood Dr
  • 166 Mailhot-  Nice display with wooden Santa, projected lights, and some blow up decorations. 
  • 6 Labelle St– All white lights, beautiful display.
  • 5 Kenview Dr
  • 105 Laforge – Many lights in the yard and on the house on the corner of Hildegard and Laforge.
  • 114 Pasadena Dr  – This house’s light display is set to music, pull over, tune into the radio station at 89.1 FM and enjoy the show! The entire yard is lit with displays timed to the music.
  • 62 Thistlevale (off Frampton)- Fun display with lights on all the windows, eaves, and doors, plus some characters on the lawn and trees.
  • 124 Kendra
  • 157 Preston Cres
  • 105 Pellerin 
  • 324 Argyle Street
  • 17 Waverly Ave 
  • Corner of St. George and Vaughan Harvey
  • Centennial Park – There are beautiful lights at the entrance to Centennial park neat the train and tank.
  • 96 Alexander – Be sure to stop in front of this house on Alexander and look for Mrs. Claus in the windows, then turn onto Milner and spot the Starship Enterprise and Santa’s workshop. New structures added in 2020!
  • 127 Dickson
  • 60 Coronation
  • Main St and City Hall area  – All along main street there are plenty of lights on street posts, trees and nativity in front of city hall, and angels closer to Vaughn Harvey end of Main St.
  • 14 Germain St
  • 38 Broadway Ave
  • 126 Queen Mary Rd
  • 408 Caledonia Rd
  • 1062 Elmwood Dr
  • 959 Elmwood Dr
  • 1150 Elmwood – Be careful crossing the road, this house is located across from Irishtown park, huge displays and you can walk around the property. All handmade and life-size or larger! Smurfs, Alvin & The Chipmunks, Toy Soldiers, Barney, Santa with his Sleigh, and more…
  • 61 Weston 
  • 27 Clover 
  • 59 Tamarack Terrace
  • 47 Warner St 
  • 266 Branch St – Located behind Sterling’s on Shediac Rd, this house features a train and more in their yard.
  • 150 Branch – Lots of lights in the yard and woods surrounding the house.
  • 30 Kenmore Dr
  • 106 Kenmore Dr 


Riverview businesses are lots up as well as homes. Check out the list of participating businesses at Business Brilliance !

  • Waterfront Park in Riverview – The Riverview waterfront is lit with tens of thousands of lights. A lovely place to take a family stroll.
  • 65 Warren Avenue, tune in to 107.7 fm for the full animated effect!  
  • 18  Warren Ave – Santa’s elves are climbing the tree in the yard full of lights.
  • 9 Warren Ave 
  • 82 & 84 Henderson  
  • The Christmas Barn 600 Pinewood Rd 
  • 1089 Pine Glen Rd 
  • 815 Pine Glen Rd 
  • 32 Manning Road 
  • 690 Hillsborough Rd – From the homeowner: “My Dad loved Christmas so I try to add a little each year to honour him!”
  • Weir Dr.  
  • 202 Wentworth Dr 
  • 297 Randall Dr 
  • 128 Irving Rd. 
  • 924 Yale Ave 
  • 42 Kirkton Crt 
  • 11 Trites Rd


  • 510 Chartersville Rd  – This is a large property with many lights and figures.
  • 371 Chartersville Rd 
  • 79 Marin St Dieppe 
  • 2129 Champlain St – Just past runway 29, this house is decked out for the season! The display includes an oversize santa hat, holographic decorations, a 25 foot tree and lots of lights. The lights are also synced to christmas music! 
  • 135 Albeni Rd 
  • 117 Bahama St
  • 216 Bahama st 
  • 82 Golf St 
  • 237 Nepisiquit St Dieppe – many lights and characters. Entire yard decorated.
  • 386 rue Avant Garde 


  • 4 Old Route 128, Berry Mills 
  • Shediac Lobster – He is all ready for the season with his Santa Hat on. The town Shediac is decorated and worth the drive down the main street.
  • 12 Richardson, Sackville 
  • 16 Birch St., Salisbury 
  • 319 Mollins Rd., Colpitts Settlement
  • 9 Colpitts Road, Colpitts Settlement 
  • 715 Route 910 (Turtle Creek Road) – From property owners: “Come by and see all our hard work. We have a huge elephant with Santa on his back, lots and lots of lights, 6 big snowmen made out of tires, a huge wooden sled, and 8 reindeer along with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Hope you like it!! “
Pack up the kids or your family bubble and have a drive around. The displays are beautiful, from the most simple to the dramatic. Let us know your favourites and keep us posted on new locations to add!
386 rue Avant Garde
9 Warren Ave

You can help us confirm addresses by sharing in the comments or sending us a pic at

Share with your friends and family so everyone can enjoy the festive Christmas lights in Greater Moncton. Bookmark this page and come back throughout the month of December for more updates.


79 Marin St, Dieppe
2129 Champlain, Dieppe
105 Perrerin, Moncton
105 Laforge, Moncton
6 Labelle St, Moncton
166 Mailhot, Moncton
Golf St, Dieppe
73 Salengro Cres., Moncton
96 Alxander Ave, Moncton
22 Falcon Dr. Moncton
62 Thistlevale, Moncton
237 Nepisiquit St, Dieppe

6 thoughts on “Christmas Lights of Greater Moncton”

  1. Just a heads up light show enthusiasts, 114 Pasadena Drive lights show is up and rocking completely new display, tune your radio to 89.1. A little Elf visited today and said Santa and Miss Claus may take some time out of busy schedule and hand out candy canes to all the good people.

  2. To who it may relate too,

    Hi my name is Roger Hogan of Moncton, “”aka Mr. Xmas lights””…lol…. I belong to a World wide Christmas light enthusiast group. We all try to literally brightens peoples lives threw computerized light displays, for kids of all ages. Between early November until mid January I usually get 200-300 vehicles of people park in front of my home enjoying dancing lights, even have couple tour buses…lol… With the recent covid-19 pandemic we’ve joined together once again to try and spread some cheer via our musical lights. Now even though most lights are physically on our homes we will not encourage large groups so we are posting our computer rendition’s online until we all can safely move around. Even at that point our displays use a very low freakency FM modulators so people can hear the music and watch lights dance in comfort and safety of there own vehicles. I’m posting a video clip in hopes you help us spread some positive vibes around, the song was written by Lisa Longrigg to raise money for staff and volunteers caring for covid-19 patients, I purchased the rights to song and took about 20 hours to map all lights to her song, every light every 0.05 seconds. We are 5 in my home we are all essential workers, my fiancé and daughter in medical field my son and son in law managing grocery store and me, automotive tech. Thank you for taking time to consider video I’ve attached have a safe and wonderful day.

    Update video too large to send as attachment oops…can be viewed on FB@ HOGAN Christmas Lights

  3. You should add 4 Old Route 128 in Berry Mills and there is another great one on Hilz rd in Berry Mills as well. Super nice! Thanks for the map 😊

  4. Thank you so much for putting all this online so we can all benefit. Where can I leave a tip?

  5. It has been brought to my attention by many other homes displaying beautiful “lite up House” that visitors are blocking our neighbors driveways. We ask that everyone please respect our gracious neighbors driveways and not block them, our goal is too spread Christmas cheer and not inconvenience anyone.
    Lets all stay safe and enjoy the spirit of the Holiday Season TOGETHER.

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