Cellphone Savings!

Cellphone Savings!
As of Today, June 3, 2015, this applies to all cell plans regardless of when they were signed.


The wireless code will allow individual and small business consumers to:

• terminate their wireless contracts after two years without cancellation fees
• limit data charges in excess of the usage defined in their plans at $50/month
• limit national and international data roaming charges in excess of the usage defined in their plans at $100/month
• have their cellphone unlocked after 90 days, or immediately if they paid for the device in full
• return their cellphone, within 15 days and specific usage limits, if they are unhappy with their service
• accept or decline changes to the key terms of a fixed-term (i.e., 2-year) contract
• receive a contract that is easy to read and understand.
The Wireless Code will:

~ make it easier for individual and small business customers to obtain and understand the information in their wireless service contracts
~ establish consumer-friendly business practices for the wireless service industry where necessary
~ contribute to a more dynamic wireless market.

The Code applies to all wireless services, whether purchased on a stand-alone basis or as part of a bundle, and whether purchased in person, online, or over the phone. All service providers must comply with the Code. 

CLICK HERE to view the CRTC Wireless Code
VIDEO of the new code details

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