CBC Radio Column: Holiday Shopping


CBC Radio Column: Holiday Shopping *


How early do you start shopping?

It really depends on what I am buying. If it is toys for kids, I shop closer to the holiday or birthday, they like everything they see. What they like in August may be completely different than what they “want” in December.
As our kids grow and reach teen years, you can shop more in advance. Gift get pricier and usually they are a little pickier.

We’ll get to online shopping in a second, but if you’re out in the stores, what’s the advantage to starting early?

Selection is your biggest advantage. Getting out before the mad rush of holiday shopping will provide you the opportunity to find exactly what you are looking for. Sometimes, depending on the item, seasonal sales afford you better deals as well.

Crowds are another reason to shop early. I would rather not shop when they malls are packed!

Shouldn’t we just wait for the inevitable sales?

Sales will happen closer to the holidays, but you risk not getting items in stock, as mentioned above.

Many retailers also have a price guarantee. Some are up to 30 days. You can buy and watch if the item goes on sale, go in with your receipt and get the price lowered.

When it comes to savings, what advantages does online shopping offer?
  • Shopping from home
  • Comparing prices easily
  • Selection is often much better online
  • Prices are often lower
  • Options for earning Cash Back or points (eBates, Mr. Rebates, Airmiles, etc)
What are some of the disadvantages of online shopping?
  • Using Credit, or Paypal may not be convenient
  • You can’t touch the product, for some items you may prefer in person shopping
  • Returns and exchanges can be tricky in some cases
  • Shipping costs are a factor
  • ALWAYS read fine print


If it’s not apparent on websites, how do we find out about great deals?

Best tip to stay on top of online deals is to subsribe to the various retailer’s newsletters.

You can join our Facebook Group to keep up to date on the deals as well. Moncton Coupon Lady FB Group

What’s your favourite one stop shopping site? 

One stop sites would be amazon.ca
Log in through ebates.ca for cash back on these and many more sites.

Walmart.ca has a great site, I would shop from them if it is getting close and stores are busy.

Did I mention I don’t like crowds?


*This is based on the script from my CBC column about Shopping during the holidays. The actual on air column may or may not have covered everything we had prepared. I am sharing this as part of our articles on the site as it was prepared with a few additions. It is in an interview format, myself being the person responding to the questions. Each column is prepared to allow for approximately 5-7min of air time. I may have added additional info on this page or links to further details.

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