Packing For A Day At The Beach

There are a few things we always have in our beach bag that you may not think to take. Today I am sharing what we are packing for a day at the beach. 

For the most part, you can have this bag packed and ready to go all summer. Switching out clean and dry towels or items that need replacing. What do you always pack for a day or afternoon at the lake or ocean?

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5 Reasons To Keep Your Receipts

5 Reasons To Keep Your Receipts

Yes, I am telling you to hang onto those little crumpled up pieces of paper in your coat pocket, car cup holder or bottom of your purse! 

It may seem annoying to keep track of all your receipts, but read on to understand why it may be a good idea. 

Here are 5 reasons to keep your receipts for all purchases:

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Tips for Yardsales (Buying and Selling)

Tips for Yardsales (Buying and Selling) Last year, for one of my columns on CBC Information Morning 106.1 in Moncton, we talked about Yard Sales. Jonna mentioned a faux pas she made a while back when she went yardsaling with her family members. She started her experience with a $50 bill. Finding a teacup for $0.50, … Read more

HOW TO: Sort & Store Your Coupons

  Organizing your coupons is one of the most important and most time consuming parts of couponing. To effectively and efficiently coupon, you must find an organizing system that works for YOU! Everyone has their own system that works well for them. Here are a few suggestions for places to start. It’s a very personalized … Read more

How to Organize Your Receipts


Did you keep track of your spending, keeping receipts and tallying them? Maybe you run a home-based business, and need to keep track of all your spending for taxes?

There are many reasons you should keep your receipts, like these 5 reasons, but what about how you store them and keep track of them?

Whatever reason you keep your receipts, we have a simple method outlined here for those who like a tangible method and not a spread sheet.

Here is the method that Natalie L uses for sorting and storing her receipts.

This is a simple, fool proof process. 

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