Homemade Granola Bars

Homemade Granola Bars

These homemade granola bars are my all time favourite snack on the go. They combine oats and rice crispy cereal for the base, and the honey, maple syrup and chocolate chips make then chewy and sweet!

These are a no bake granola bar that can be made up quickly in the evenings for the next day’s treat! Check links below this recipe, for other recipes for homemade granola bars.

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Greek Layered Dip

When we go to a potluck or have an evening in and want a treat, I love to bring a layered dip. You can serve them with so many options, from naan or pita bread to crackers or tortillas. One dip we enjoy as a bit of a change is this Greek Layered Dip. As … Read more

8 Local Maritimer Blueberry Recipes

  Don’t you just love the warmer weather of Spring and Summer? First we have Rhubarb, then Strawberries and now Blueberries are in season. This week I have a flat of blueberries ordered and now is the time to plan what to do with them. Some will be frozen to add to recipes throughout the year, … Read more

It’s Rhubarb Season, Try Making These! 10 Rhubarb Recipes

It’s Rhubarb Season, Try Making These! 10 Rhubarb Recipes I love Rhubarb season. Growing up, my mother made rhubarb relish and rhubarb cobbler (I will add those recipes to my round up when I get them made this summer). That was my only exposure to it until I started cooking and baking. We always had … Read more

Homemade Potato Chips

Homemade Potato Chips Homemade Potato Chips are easy, frugal and much healthier than store bought chips. You can season with many things or just a light sprinkle of salt. My favourite reason for making my own chips is the taste. You can taste that they are potatoes. They are so good, you simply have to … Read more