Chicken In A Hurry

Making another chicken recipe? Well, this one is so flavourful and extremely simple. If you try this out and enjoy it, be sure to make up a few more packs for your freezer and pop them into the slow cooker on a busy day.
Like most chicken recipes, you can serve it with rice, quinoa, potatoes, salad, or sweet potatoes. I find that sweet potatoes are a nice addition to this meal and pair well with the onion in the sauce.

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Honey Garlic Chicken Freezer Meal

Are you like me? I don’t enjoy cooking meals and want to make them as simple, easy and healthy as possible. This Honey Garlic Chicken freezer meal is one of my favourite Chicken recipes. I have adapted it to freeze ahead and cook in the slow cooker. Prep the bags, freeze, then pop into the slow cooker to have an easy and yummy supper.
If you LOVE the convenience of stocking my freezer with make-ahead meals, be sure to find more freezer meal options at the bottom.

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Make your Own – Slow Cooker Freezer Meals

  I hate cooking and strive to make meal preparation as quick and easy as possible. When shopping for my groceries, I plan to have about 1 hour when I return home to do some prep. This is something I do regularly. If you have taken my “Saving Time & Money in the Kitchen” class, you know … Read more