New Printable Coupons from Pfizer


There is a new printable coupons portal from Pfizer. Check out the list below and head to the portal to print these coupons!

  • Save $4 on Advil 12 hour
  • Save $4 on Advil Cold & Sinus
  • Save $10 when you buy two Advil products
  • Save $4 on Advil Liqui-Gels
  • Save $4 on Advil Nighttime Liqui-Gels
  • Save $5 on Caltrate
  • Save $4 on Centrum
  • Save $4 on Centrum Gummies
  • Save $3 when you buy 3 Chapstick products
  • Save $4 on Children’s Advil
  • Save $4 on Emergen-C
  • Save $4 on Emergen-C Immune+
  • Save $4 on Robax
  • Save $4 on Robax Heat Wraps
  • Save $4 on Robitussin
  • Save $4 on Robitussin Complete

Go Here to register and print your coupons!

Smartsource Printable Coupon Portal

Smartsource Printable Coupons
You can print up to 2 of each coupon through our SmartSource Coupon Portal.

TIP if you are getting an error when printing: (Thank you to Susan Kenny for this)

  • Click on a coupon you want to print from smartsource
  • Adobe opens and you get Network security error
  • close the error screen
  • Adobe will still be open (the page with your printing history)
  • Click on EDIT at the top of the screen
  • Select PREFERENCES at the bottom of the drop down menu
  • Click on SECURITY (ENHANCED) from the menu on the left side of that screen
  • UNCHECK the box that says Enable enhanced security
  • Click OK at the bottom of the screen
  • Then print again from smartsource
Other Printable Coupons are available HERE

Garnier Coupons Various (hair & face products)

There are lots of coupons available to print in Garnier's website. 

  • Garnier Olia Super Blonds hair dye CLICK HERE to print this $2 off Coupon

  • CLICK HERE to get $5 off when purchasing Ultra-Lift, Lift, Clearly Brighter, Moisture Rescue or BB Cream moisturizers