Organize: Create A Snack Station

Organize: Create A Snack Station When I go to my pantry and find half empty boxes, where I thought there were full boxes, it makes me so frustrated. When you have children who are independent, they will often leave a mess of empty or unsealed bags in their wake. By creating a location in a pantry … Read more

Pumpkin Tips

Pumpkin Tips: Preserving your pumpkin! Pumpkin patches are prime for the picking and all the grocery stores have their Fall displays set up. If you plan to buy fresh pumpkins this year, here are some tips you might try to help preserve them. Most pumpkins will keep from now until Halloween if you do not … Read more

Tip Of The Day: Cook & Freeze Pasta

Tip Of The Day: Cook & Freeze Pasta     When cooking pasta I cook to almost the point I normally would. Keep it about 2 minutes less than you would like it. Place in single serving or family serving size in Freezer Bags. Add a touch of olive (or other vegetable) oil. Remove as … Read more

FRUGAL TIP: Eating What’s On Hand

FRUGAL TIP: Eating What’s On Hand   This past weekend I spent some time reorganizing my pantry and freezer. Needless to say, there was more there than I had realized. Most of the time I know what is in the house and plan meals according to what sales are on. Lately, for about 2 months, … Read more

Cooking Substitutions

Have you ever found the perfect recipe, only to get to the pantry or fridge and find you are missing an ingredient? I like to search Pinterest when I need a last minute idea for a recipe. As a busy mom, that usually means it’s nearing 3 pm,  I took a chicken out of the … Read more