8 Frugal Living Tips

Being frugal is all about making smart choices with your money. Frugal living is not being cheap, it is about being aware of living costs and choosing where you spend your money. It means being intentional with your financial decisions and finding ways to save money without sacrificing quality or enjoyment. Here are 8 practical … Read more

Frugal Friday – Shopping Tip: Look High & Low

This is your Frugal Friday – Shopping Tip. Product placement does matter in many stores. Often times the higher priced brands are located at eye level (middle shelves), while looking up or down you may find a better price! Often the better prices are above or below eye level when walking through the stores! Another … Read more

Frugal Friday – Shopping Tip

This is your Frugal Friday – Shopping Tip. Sales cycles are a real thing. Most items you purchase regularly will be on sale several times a year for the same price.   Everything you buy regularly is on a 4-6 week sales cycle. (groceries, toiletries, paper products, etc) If it is on sale this week, you … Read more