HOW TO: Store Your Coupons

HOW TO: Store Your Coupons   Organizing your coupons is one of the most important and most time consuming parts of couponing. To effectively and efficiently coupon, you must find an organizing system that works for YOU! Everyone has their own system that works well for them. Here are a few suggestions for places to

Encounters at the Checkout!

Encounters at the Checkout! As a consumer, you have had many, many experiences walking up to a cash register to pay for your purchases. We have all had good and bad experiences with cashiers, customer service and managers. Like many other experiences in life, we tend to remember the bad and overlook the good. Here

How to Trade Coupons

  Coupon trading is one of the best ways to get the coupons that you really want.  People are always asking me how I get so many of the same coupons....the simple answer, trading/swapping coupons! Below you will find more details on what COUPON TRADING actually is, and it should help to answer any questions