Where to Find Coupons In Canada

Where can you find coupons in Canada? Not sure where to start?  Right here is a great place!  *Updated July 2022* TEAR PADS Tear Pads can be found along the shelves throughout many stores. Manufacturer’s Coupons can be used in other stores. Occasionally stores have their own coupons. Please read coupons to ensure they are not … Read more

Encounters at the Checkout!

Encounters at the Checkout! As a consumer, you have had many, many experiences walking up to a cash register to pay for your purchases. We have all had good and bad experiences with cashiers, customer service and managers. Like many other experiences in life, we tend to remember the bad and overlook the good. Here … Read more

How to spot & avoid fraudulent coupons

Fake or Photocopied? Scammers, or just not aware? How do we know what is legit and what is not?  Who are the thieves and who are the uneducated newbies? With the popularity of couponing, we are encountering more problems using coupons at our stores. The reason for this is some couponers are not aware of the proper way … Read more