Where to Find Coupons In Canada

Where can you find coupons in Canada?

Not sure where to start? 

Right here is a great place! 

*Updated February 2018*


Tear Pads can be found along the shelves throughout many stores. Manufacturer's Coupons can be used in other stores. Occasionally stores have their own coupons. Please read coupons to ensure they are not store specific.


Look in and on the packaging of the products that you buy for special loyalty coupons. There are also “peelies” stuck to the outside that you peel off, or on packaging that you cut out. You may also find booklets inside the packages with coupons in them. Coupons On or In packaging are intended for the person BUYING the product. PLEASE never take a coupon from a product you are not purchasing.


Contact the companies who manufacture the products you use. Ask if there are any coupons available or special promotions. I refer to these as Mail Out or Call In Coupons on the site.

ONLINE COUPON PORTALS (mail you coupons)

These are sites for companies that will mail you coupons. All of these sites you simply select the coupons you want and hit the order button. Just like a shopping cart on any online shopping site! Some sites offer both Print and Mail options.

  • Save.caThere is a minimum order of 3 coupons that received mailed coupons from Save.ca
  • Walmart.ca: The coupons are usually the same as save.ca, but from time to time there are additional ones found here. You can order the coupons from both sites and must log in to each site seperately.
  • Zebracoupons:  There is a $1 printing and mailing fee. 


Printable coupons are the most popular coupons these days. Below you will find a list of many brands, coupon portals and promo sites that carry printable coupons. 

  • MCL Printable list (ongoing list of printable coupons that are available from various sources)


Every few weeks, you can find Coupon Inserts in the newspaper or flyer packs in your community. You can find Redplum about every 4 weeks, Smart Source every 3 weeks, and Brandsaver every 2-3 months. Coupon inserts seem to be random in the flyer packs and papers over the past year. If you hear an insert is out, check your papers, then if you did not receive one, as if friends of family have any they can give you. You can also call your newspaper distributor to request a copy on the week they are being distributed.


You may also find coupons in Canadian Magazines. I would not suggest subscribing to a magazine JUST for the coupons, but if you already read certain Canadian magazines, watch for coupons. If you do subscribe to a magazine, chances are you receive more coupons than the News stand version. Most subscriptions come wrapped in plastic and often contain recipe booklets, samples, etc...that's where you will find even more coupons!

Also watch in store magazines: Shoppers, Walmart, Superstore (natural foods section), Sobey's Pharmacy, etc...


You can often receive email or mail newsletters with coupons.


Many companies are launching deals and coupons through their social media sites. Be sure you are on the Canadian site for the manufacturer you are looking for.


There are many people out there willing to trade coupons. Start a swap at work, or among a group of friends. Meet for a coffee once a month and swap coupons! CLICK HERE for more info on "What is a Swap or Trade".




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HOW TO: Store Your Coupons

HOW TO: Store Your Coupons
Organizing your coupons is one of the most important and most time consuming parts of couponing. To effectively and efficiently coupon, you must find an organizing system that works for YOU! Everyone has their own system that works well for them. Here are a few suggestions for places to start. It's a very personalized thing and will take time to find what works best. You will likely go through a few of these styles of organizing, and in time you will find the right one.
#1 – Using Envelopes
Use Envelopes For A Quick & Easy Method Of Coupon Storage. Write categories on the envies and keep them bundled with an elastic for compact storage.
Each Pocket In An Expanding File Can Be Used To Keep Coupons Sorted. These can be found at the dollar store.
#3 – An Index File Box / Photo Box
It's Easy To Keep Coupons Sorted With Tabbed Dividers
Simple Ring Binder Can Be Converted Easily Into A Very Effective Coupon Organizer. This is my method of choice and many people like the visual aspect of the binder. You simply flip pages and can see every coupon. Here is a great tip from Natalie, on how to keep track of Expiry dates: 
Here are a couple videos showing the above types of organizers:
Here are some Binders and accessories that may help you get organized!

CBC Information Morning Coupon Lady Column

CBC Information Morning Coupon Lady Column Here is a list of the archived radio columns I have done over the past 3 years. The most recent from this fall were not added online. I will post when I am back on air. We do a few months at a time, then break.
Column on CBC Information Morning Moncton 106.1FM

Shoppers Optimum App

Shoppers Optimum App AppShoppers Download the Shoppers Optimum app and load offers every Saturday to your card. There are so many great offers showing up in the app, be sure to use it. You can load new offers every Saturday, but also check throughout the week. I seem to receive offers for one day bonuses throughout the week. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ P-Personalized-Coupons-460x322-SE

Personalized coupons you can LOAD

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Store finder

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Air Miles My Offers

My Offers program with Air Miles and participating retailers.

Don't forget to check your offers from your local grocers and load them to your Air Miles Card.

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I have been getting some pretty great 50% off or $ off  offers lately.
They are one time use (unless otherwise stated).
The offers are personalized and the more you use them, you will notice them being more of what you buy.


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TIP OF THE DAY: Read Fine Print

TIP OF THE DAY: Read Fine Print image We seem to revisit this topic quite often, but it is very important to always read the fine print and details on coupons, cash back offers and mail in rebates. Actually, read everything on flyers as well. There are more and more restrictions showing up on offers lately and the cashiers simply do not have the time to read all the fine print. I have noticed store exclusions on Cash Back Apps and more fine print restrictions on printable coupons this week. EXAMPLES: image Snap by Groupon offer for Pledge Floor Cleaner $ 7 cash back "This offer is NOT redeemable at the following retailers: Fresh Co, Giant Tiger, Safeway and Sobeys." image Advil.ca coupons are high value printable coupons, but have size restrictions in the fine print. ZOOM IN on your computer screen before printing to see if it can he used on the item you are planning to purchase. image image Using a coupon on something it is not meant for, due to vague descriptions or photos can cause retailers to restrict coupon usage. PLEASE,  think about the effect this has on future coupons, policies and deals. Don't get me wrong, we have all used a coupon that maybe we didn't read close, got excited about a deal and forgot to read the details in the store when we came across an unplanned deal...it happens. I am simply encouraging everyone to try to "know" your coupons you plan to use and apply them the the correct items. Hope you found this helpful and Happy Savings.

How to Price Match Like a Pro!

Price matching can be stressful for some, but it doesn't need to be- I promise! Why price match? It saves you money! Instead of spending gas going to five different stores, you can just go to one! Stores that offer price matching in Moncton Region are Walmart, No Frills, and Giant Tiger (their policies are linked below). You can be a price-matching pro in 7 easy steps:
  1. Gather all of your flyers, and look through them. I find it easiest to circle the deals I want to price match. Sometimes I even go as far as highlighting the size restrictions so that it's easier for the cashier to find.
  2. Make your shopping list: I write down everything I am price matching with the price, quantity, where I am price matching from, and which page of the flyer it is so that I can reference it quickly during my check out process.
  3. Keep a copy of the store's policy on you at all times. Some cashiers are new and are not familiar with all of their company's policies yet, so it is helpful to keep a copy.
  4. Bring your flyers with you. Many stores do require a physical copy of the flyer, however the Walmarts in Moncton will allow you to show the flyer on your smartphone or tablet (which I do).
  5. Get the right item. Make sure you read the sale flyer properly. You should have the right brand, size, and flavor if there is a restriction. If there is a limit in the flyer (i.e. limit of 4 per customer), chances are the store you are price matching at will impose the same limits.
  6. Work with your cashier. Let him or her know at the beginning of your transaction that you are price matching. As number 4 said, have your flyers ready. The process will be a lot faster if you are prepared. Be patient with them, especially if you have a large order. (More tips for couponing and encounters at the checkout HERE)
  7. Sort your items in your cart. I usually separate my price-matched items from my non-price-matched items. This makes it much easier for you and the cashier.
If you follow these steps, you will be successful in price-matching at your local store! We do the coupon match-ups for you as well, so you can use those as a guideline to creating your shopping lists. Here is a Free Printable Price Matching Tracking Sheet.