Where to Find Coupons In Canada

Where can you find coupons in Canada? Not sure where to start?  Right here is a great place!  *Updated February 2021* TEAR PADS Tear Pads can be found along the shelves throughout many stores. Manufacturer’s Coupons can be used in other stores. Occasionally stores have their own coupons. Please read coupons to ensure they are not … Read more

CBC Information Morning Coupon Lady Column

CBC Information Morning Coupon Lady Column Here is a list of the archived radio columns I have done over the past 3 years. The most recent from this fall were not added online. I will post when I am back on air. We do a few months at a time, then break. Column on CBC Information … Read more

Shoppers Optimum App

Shoppers Optimum App Download the Shoppers Optimum app and load offers every Saturday to your card. There are so many great offers showing up in the app, be sure to use it. You can load new offers every Saturday, but also check throughout the week. I seem to receive offers for one day bonuses throughout … Read more

Air Miles My Offers

My Offers program with Air Miles and participating retailers. Don’t forget to check your offers from your local grocers and load them to your Air Miles Card. Click here to sign in & load offers Available for shopping at Foodland, IGA, Safeway and participating Coop stores as well! I have been getting some pretty great 50% off … Read more

Saturday Coupon Swaps – Free to attend

If you live in the Moncton Area, why not attend a Saturday coupon swap. It’s a great place to meet the MCL Team, get coupons and chat about this weeks deals!  There is one this Saturday at 1pm at Cafe Cofiac. Get all the details HERE.    

What is a train? CHOO, CHOO (in relation to trading coupons)

What Are Coupon Trains? Just like coupon trading, coupon trains are a great way to trade all those coupons you can’t use for coupons that you need. The person who starts the train (conductor) puts together a bunch of coupons that she/he isn’t going to use, and posts on the group that she is starting … Read more

Encounters at the Checkout!

Encounters at the Checkout! As a consumer, you have had many, many experiences walking up to a cash register to pay for your purchases. We have all had good and bad experiences with cashiers, customer service and managers. Like many other experiences in life, we tend to remember the bad and overlook the good. Here … Read more