Ways To Save When Having A Baby

Let’s chat about the various ways to save when having a baby.

This is the outline for the interview that aired on CBC Information Morning 106.1 FM Moncton in February 2013, just 6 weeks after we had our second child. I sat down with Jonna Brewer to discuss how we kept a tight budget and saved when preparing for and after baby arrived. (Information and links updated in 2021)

These are my tips on how to save and budget for your new addition.

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Kiss Traditional Money Jars Goodbye, Hello Quber!

Sponsored by Quber, all experiences and wording are my own.

Grab a toonie from the savings jar! That’s how we don’t save in this house, and I am sure we are not alone. The jar is there, and when the kids need a loonie for PJ day at school, or I want a coffee on my way to skating lessons, we grab the change out of the jar. So much for saving, or even having a goal associated with that jar, it’s just there…

We all want to save for something, no matter how big or small, but how often do we actually set a value and timeline to that savings goal? Or how often do we grab from those savings, to use elsewhere?

What if I told you there is an app that will challenge you to be more aware of your transactions,  to cut back on extra spending, and automatically saves that money in a virtual money jar? It is here, and it is so much fun!

Quber is the ideal app to help you change your spending habits, set savings goals and watch them materialize through actual goal-specific savings on a timeline.

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Judy’s Freezer Meal Workshop: the Details!

Judy’s Freezer Meal Workshop with Sunset Gourmet Products Contributed by Judy Brander The question is –  What is it and will it be a time & money saver? What is it: “What’s for dinner?” Is that a question that is asked at your home each day at 4:00pm?  Eating at home saves you money and … Read more

Tip of the day! Budgeting 101 – Part 1

BUDGETING 101 – Part 1: Where to start! Want to create a Monthly Budget and do not know where to start?On the first day of NEXT month, get a receipt for everything you purchase and save it in an envelope. On the last day of the month, review, categorize and log your receipts. This will give you a … Read more