Birthday Card Central – Handmade Cards *Review*


I received a variety of cards from Johanne, for the purposes of this review. All opinions and wording are my own.

A handmade card is a gem and treasured by those on the receiving end. In the world of social media and wishing people well online, a homemade, uniquely designed card will make a lasting impression.  (more…)

Gel Nails by Mykkaela Angelic Creations *Review*

Let me start by saying, I have never had gel nails before. This whole experience was new for me. Over the years I have always felt I liked how well I could do a basic manicure for myself, so I never sought out the services of anyone to do my nails. 

Well, now I think I may need my nails done all the time! (more…)

Lips that last! – review of Lipsense

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for review purposes. All wording , photos and opinions are my own.

Okay, I used to be a lipstick  girl...but over the years have not found a lipstick that I can wear all day and one that does not glob up on my lips. My many attempts to find a long lasting lipstick resulted in me giving up and just using lip balm or lightweight gloss. (more…)

Rodan + Fields -Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex *Review*

Working from from home, I don't worry a whole lot about my appearance, but I will admit, even when I put the effort in, I often look tired. Really, who doesn't feel they look tired most of the time? We live in a society where we never seem to have enough time, are always on the go, do not get enough rest, and look exhausted because of it. Are you tired of always looking tired? I know I am!  (more…)

NOW ACCEPTING – Local Holiday Gift Guide Submissions!

NOW ACCEPTING - Holiday Gift Guide Submissions!

This year we have decided to focus on local, Atlantic Canadian content for the Holiday Gift Guide.  If you sell a product or have a local business, there are 2 different options to take part in the guide. There is a Holiday Gift Guide List and a Sponsored Post Package.

We are now accepting submissions here. Deadline is November 24th.
Priority given to locally sourced and handmade products & services.
Direct sales businesses may be featured, limited to one rep maximum per company.

2017 Holiday Gift Guide List

Our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide blog post will include a list of (more…)

My Dad is a Pretzel – Book Review

image1 "My Dad is a Pretzel" by Baron Baptiste. It's a great book to read and learn simple and safe yoga positions and techniques to do together with your children. I love this book. When we were children we learned so much from books, and these days it's so easy to learn from YouTube that sometimes we don't share the way we learned with our children. I love having these books at home because they are fun to read and just encourage the joys of learning and reading together. ~ Reviewed by Natalie ~~~~~~~~ Yoga for Parents and Kids Limber up with this unique, child-friendly yoga book! Created for parents and children to share together, but also suitable for adults and older children to use alone, My Daddy is a Pretzel not only introduces a range of postures, it also connects the practices to everyday life, showing how families can integrate their yoga with their activities in the world. A light-hearted look at yoga, yet one with a lasting message, My Daddy is a Pretzel is a wonderful introduction to yoga for readers of all shapes and sizes. NAPRA Nautilus Award Finalist For all ages Written By: Baron Baptiste Illustrated By: Sophie Fatus ~~~~~~~~~ You can check out all the titles on Julie's website HERE Follow her on Facebook: ☆We received a free copy of this book to facilitate a review.

Review: Scentsy Fragrance Bars

Tracy Waterlot
Indep Scentsy Consultant
I had the pleasure to review 3 scents from Scentsy this week. I love Scentsy for their fragrances, and the fact the the burners are flameless! Having children and pets, a flameless burner is perfect. I have 2 large burners, one in my kitchen and one in my bedroom.  As well as a night light burner in my bathroom. Scents provided: wpid-20151220_142252.jpg Juniper Berry - When I first took a whiff of this one, I really did not like it. BUT I decided to use it in my bathroom burner and I ended up loving it once it melted. It is not as strong as I thought it would be at first smell. Nice fresh nature scent. wpid-20151220_142338.jpg Rosewood & Freesia - This has a nice floral scent, not too overpowering. I am not usually a fan of florals, but I rather like this one. I think it may be one I use to combine with another scent in the future. Personal preference for berries and fresh scents sways me away from florals at times. I will definitely update on combinations I try.   wpid-20151220_142325.jpg Honey Pear Cider - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this in my kitchen. I am a big fan of fruity and spice scents. This was definitely a fav for my kitchen burner. Tracey has taught me (by following her posts on her facebook page), that if you happen across a scent you are not too fond of, have fun experimenting with mixing scents. There are lots of suggestions available online for this, but you could try combining two scents and see what happens. You might just be pleasantly surprised. If you book or attend a party, you get to smell all the scents available and see just how pretty the warmers are in person. My experience with Scentsy vs. Store bought scents is that they last WAY longer and the scent does not dissipate. Get in touch with Tracy to find out what scents you will like best, they have so many in various fragrance categories. She will help you find the right scent or sent combination to suit your senses! ☆We received a free products to facilitate a review.

Shopping With Dad- Book Review

ShoppingWithDad_HC_W_3 Shopping with Dad I really enjoyed reading the book with my son (who is three).  The pictures are great, with a lot of details.  The story is funny and silly, which easily keeps the attention of a three year old.  The poetic nature makes it easy for parents to read, over and over. The story of how accidents can happen sometimes, is a relatable adventure for both parents and children, and is told in an entertaining and lively way. When asked what he liked about the story, our little guy says he liked the pictures and the part of the story where the little girl has a big “Ah-ah-choooooo”. This book will be a favorite for years to come. ~ Layla ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shopping with Dad
Venture to the grocery store with this father-daughter duo on a very lively shopping trip. As their cart swings down the aisles, the pair create minor calamity left and right. The rhyming, bouncy text teaches an important lesson about accidents and responsibility, all with a healthy dose of humor.
Ages 3 to 7 years $7.99 Written By: Matt Harvey Illustrated By: Miriam Latimer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To Order these books or others visit Julie on Facebook or her website HERE. ☆ We received a free copy of this book to facilitate a review.

Gift Review: Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Ultimate RC Speedway

Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Ultimate RC Speedway GGSW_0228_Logo Playtime with miles of learningTM! WOW! Clayton just loves playing with this set. My little guy has a short attention span and is not one to "sit and play", that was until we put this together for him! He will play with the race car, and use his other Go Go Smart Wheels cars on this track. It's huge, so you will need lots of space to leave it out. There are a few variations in the booklet included, on how you can set it up. As will any of the sets, you can switch and change the tracks to the configuration you want. Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate RC Speedway 180200-Img6-prod 180200-Img5-prod 180200-Img4-prod My favourite feature on this set is the elevator. As you drive the car forward, it is moving a crank to raise the ramp and move the car up to a higher level. You can see here in the video how much fun Clayton was having with it! (sometimes hard to get Clayton on camera, he usually hides these days 🙂 ) We have purchased an additional remote control Go! Go! Smart Wheels® car for Clayton for Christmas to add to the fun of this set. Now he will be able to race with someone else.   If you are looking for toys that offer more than just playtime to their children, Go! Go! Smart Wheels® are imaginative playsets that incorporate technology and mechanical play for learning fun. Ralph and his race car will entertain your little one with a light-up driver button that activates music and fun sounds, also teaching the letter "R" and the vehicle's name. The speedway consists of 4.5 feet of interchangeable tracks and it features a stunt ramp, an elevator, movable gears, starting flags and track switches that are all triggered by the RC race car. Kids can use the RC SmartPoint® Racer in standard and remote control mode. They can get it to zip around the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate Remote Control Speedway through its four action zones and over nine SmartPoint locations, using the steering wheel-shaped remote control for an exciting interactive experience! Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate Remote Control Speedway features include:  4.5 feet of interchangeable tracks  5 mechanical features  9 SmartPoint locations  Steering wheel-shaped remote control  Light-up driver button activates fun phrases, music and sounds Age recommendation: 1-5 years Available Fall 2015 at Walmart, Toys R Us, Sears, Loblaws, Mastermind Toys,  Website: Social media chananels: *this product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.

Gift Review: Sunset Gourmet

Gift Review: Sunset Gourmet image5 I recently had an opportunity to review several Sunset Gourmet Products, and I'm excited to share the experience with our readers. First was the Harvest Beer Bread Mix image1 I substituted 7up for the beer. This was so simple, the photos shown are of my son making it. You just add the 7up to the mix, stir, place in a greased pan and pour the melted butter on top and bake. It was delicious and I would definitely make this again for my family. image2 The Mediterranean Lemon Chicken Stew Mix stew was also simple to make. After the chicken was cooked, I added the packet of mix to heated olive oil, then added chicken and chicken broth, simmered and tossed the tomatoes in for the last 5 minutes. image6 (1) This stew was absolutely delicious. My husband, who is very picky even ate it! I was really surprised how much it tastes like something you spend all day making. I think I would have realized that it makes so much (enough for 7 adults at least), I would have definitely invited guests for supper tonight! image3 The Chocolate Molten Laza Cakes were absolutely amazing. I just can't stop eating them. Also made by my son, it was another super simple process that created a delicious desert that went way above and beyond my expectations. image4 Before this opportunity I was familiar with Sunset Gourmet. I'm already using many products at home, mostly seasonings, spices and sauces that I was introduced to through the Freezer Meal workshops that Judy has hosted in the past. This was a different experience, preparing a meal to eat right away. I loved that it was so straight forward that my children could help. I also loved that everything cooked perfectly at exactly the amount of time indicated in the packaging and complimented each other so well. To place an order, or ask questions, or learn more about the products check out her website & Facebook page: Website Facebook Page Thanks & Have a great day! Natalie


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