Puppy Diaries #2 – The Many Adventures Of Our Young Pup!

*This series is sponsored by the Maritime Animal Hospital.

Beaches, Parks, and Trails, oh my!

It has been a while since our first Puppy Diaries post, and it is time to give you some updates and share some of our pup's adorable pics! WARNING: he is growing fast and not so small anymore, but still some cute! (more…)

Puppy Diaries #1 – Meet Bo, Our New Addition


Puppy Diaries - Meet Bo, Our New Addition

This series is sponsored by the Maritime Animal Hospital

So, Bo has been living with us now for 6 weeks. He has had 3 homes in his short 14 week life, it's not what you think, I will explain as we tell his story. He is a Husky mix, rescue puppy and a very awesome addition to my already busy family life. (more…)