Day Trip NB – Hopewell Rocks

Day Trip NB- Hopewell Rocks

Have you ever walked on the Ocean Floor? I am not talking about a beach, we are talking an actual ocean floor. The tides in the Bay of Fundy are the highest tides in the world. Hopewell Rocks, located in Hopewell Cape on Route 114, is the perfect spot to experience the difference between high and low tides. Kayaking around the flowerpot rocks at high tide and walking on the 2 kms of ocean floor when the tide is out.

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It’s All About Connection – 7 ways to connect with your kids

Are you Connecting?

7 ways to connect with your kids

It’s All About Connection  – 7 ways to connect with your kids

Are you connecting with those around you, I mean really and truly connecting? In a world where we are all “connected” most of the day, it is hard to see the lack of real face to face, person to person connection in our lives.

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Frugal Family: Saving with Kids

FRUGAL FAMILY: Saving with Kids Having children is costly for everyone. We all know that every activity and meal out can cost a whole lot more when you have children. Here are some tips on how to save on some of your expenses with children. FREE FOR BABIES There are lots of baby freebies available. … Read more


FREE OPEN GYM With the colder weather coming, there are options in most communities for Free activities and play for children. Are you looking for something to do with the kids during the week? Why not let them get some energy out at Open Gym? Check your community centers locally for open play opportunities. Here … Read more

Recall: GoGo squeeZ pouches

Recall: GoGo squeeZ pouches Materne Canada Inc. is recalling GoGo squeeZ® brand Apple Grape and Apple Pear pouch products from the marketplace due to the presence of mold. Recalled flavours: APPLE GRAPE APPLE PEAR Expiry Dates included in Recall: June 30 to July 26, 2016 For more details on the recall,  visit the Canadian Food Inspection … Read more