7 Frugal and Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts

7 Frugal and Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts 

Mother's day is right around the corner and it is time to plan. I have noticed over the past few years, I am usually stopping in at a flower shop or picking up something last minute for mother's day. It's not that I don't love pampering my mom, and appreciate everything she does for myself and my family, I just find it hard to buy for her. 

Pinecone Christmas Tree

Pinecone Christmas Tree Craft 

Here's an easy craft for the kids to do. My little guy loved making these.

What you need:

  • Pine cones 
  • Pompoms
  • Glue (white glue works great)
  • Yellow Paper to make star OR Foam Star Stickers

For little kids, I simply put some glue on a plastic plate or sandwich bag and let them dip the pompoms in it. (It washes off the plate no problem when done)

This craft is so easy for little hands and makes them very proud they made a craft all by themselves (with a little guidance).

Adults can make the star for the top, or if you have the foam stars they can even do that part themselves. 

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Kids Craft: Egg Carton Spider

Kids Craft: Egg Carton Spider

spider07 Do you keep Egg Cartons, thinking you will use them in a craft project, and they are piling up? Here is a cute or creepy little craft you can do with the kids. Great addition to Halloween decor. spider04
What You Will Need:
  • Egg Cartons
  • Glue (stick or white glue)
  • Googly Eyes
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Paint or Markers
  • Scissors
Prepping the pieces:
  1. Start by breaking apart the egg carton and trimming around the section to make it even. This will be the bottom "belly" of the spider.
  2. Decide what colour or colours you want your spiders to be and colour or paint the egg carton pieces. Let dry, if painted.
  3. Pipe cleaners need to be cut in half. you will need 2 pipe cleaners per spider, making 4 halves to use on each.
How to assemble:
  1. Adult Needed: Once the bodies are dry, use end of pipe cleaner, or point of scissors to poke 4 holes on each side of the spider's body. I had a small picture nail that I used, making it much easier to poke holes.
  2. Thread pipe cleaners across inside the spider body, as pictured. spider02
  3. Flip over spider and form legs by making three bends in the pipe cleaner. One close to body, angled up, then half way along, bend down to table, and turn a small piece back up at the end. spider05
  4. Using glue, add googly eyes to your spiders. You can add as many eyes as you like.
There you go, cute spiders to help in your Halloween decorating. I am putting some of these in our shrub next to the front door on Halloween night. You can hang on string from door frames or position on a web made of cheese cloth or cotton string. Have fun making these in various colours. They can be super cute in bright colours, or slightly creepy if made black or brown. Mine are always colourful! spider09

Earth Day Craft – Recycled Tree



After making the Coffee Filter Earth craft we started looking for other items to use to make crafts. I keep old cardboard boxes cut up and ready to use for crafts, as a surface to work on, or just to build with. Egg cartons are another thing we have on hand all the time. So, we decided to make a recycled tree!

The only paint we had on hand was finger paints in red, blue and yellow. We mixed blue and yellow to make our green, but when I added the red to try for brown, well, it didn't work out! As you can see, I used brown marker for the tree trunk. It actually looks better than the paint would have.

You Will Need:

  • Egg Carton
  • Paper Towel Tube (or a couple bathroom tissue rolls)
  • Markers and / or Paint
  • Glue
  • a piece Cardboard big enough to glue tree to


  1. Start out by separating the egg cartons and painting green. If you have a very young child, you can leave the carton in tact and they can paint the outside all as one piece.(separating it after the paint dries) I did not cut the cartons just broke them apart, leaving jagged edges. No precision needed for this project.
  2. Set the egg cartons aside to dry and paint or colour the tree trunk brown.
  3. Glue the trunk and egg cartons to the cardboard to create your tree. We then added some green paint to fill in the greenery of the tree.


Another successful, unplanned Earth Day craft. I love crafting with our preschooler. He is sometimes hard to keep focussed, but paint is almost always a winner with him.

Don't forget to check out the other Earth Day Craft we did: Coffee Filter Earth

For more ideas, check out my Pinterest Boards, and be sure to follow me.


Earth Day Craft – Coffee Filter Earth

Earth Day Craft - Coffee Filter Earth


As a mom who has a closet full of supplies, and every now and then is organized with planned crafts, I found myself on Earth Day with no plan. Wanting to make a couple quick crafts with my preschooler though, I put on my thinking cap and tried to recall some crafts I had seen online, or from playgroups.

I remembered seeing marbled earth crafts using shaving cream and food colouring that looked like lots of fun. Honestly, I didn't feel like dealing with the mess, but will try that sensory craft another day, maybe with rainbow colours! Just as I was reaching for the paint and a paper plate, I remembered an easy coffee filter craft that would be perfect. We used Blue and Green to represent water and land, but this can be a fun craft any day of the year, using variations of colours. You could even make various sizes and colours to create the solar system.

This craft for Earth Day, or any day of the year, is easy and perfect for all ages.

My 3 yr old loved making this Earth Day Craft. It is quick and very simple. Keeping younger children's attention through this project is easily accomplished, as each step in the process is short. Most children will love the last step the most! What child doesn't like a spray bottle with water?

You will need: • Coffee Filters • Blue Marker • Green Marker • Spray Bottle • Water • scrap cardboard or plastic table cloth   FilterEarth03 Using blue and green markers, draw and fill in the entire surface of coffee filter. FilterEarth04 On protected surface, cardboard or plastic table cloth, spray filter lightly with water. Allow to dry.  These look great hung in a window or on the fridge. My son had a great time with this craft and was very excited to show it to his dad at the end of the day! FilterEarth02 Don't forget to check out the other Earth Day Craft we did: Recycled Tree For more ideas, check out my Pinterest Boards, and be sure to follow me.

Easter Egg Fillers (No Candy)

Easter Egg Fillers (No Candy)


Food Options: Use these fillings for little children, or as a fun idea for a Easter theme lunch. Serve in an egg carton!

    • Grapes
    • Mini Carrot Sticks/ Celery Sticks
    • Berries
    • Raisins
    • Cheerios
    • Healthy Fruit Snacks
    • Goldfish or Other Mini Crackers
    • Cheese or Sandwiches cut with a cookie cutter

Little things that fit in the eggs but are not food:

    • Easter Erasers
    • Fancy Socks
    • Hair ties, clips, bows
    • Stickers
    • Lipgloss
    • Small bottles of nail polish
    • CostumeJewelry
    • Easter Theme Stamps
    • Play Dough (Make Your Own)
    • Shopkins/ or other surprise bag little characters


    • Army men
    • Finger Puppets
    • Headphones
    • Lego Mini Figures
    • Temporary tattoos
    • Small toy car
    • Mini yo-yo / slinky
    • Shoelaces
    • Whistle
    • Puzzle pieces (a few pieces in each egg)
    • Seeds (flower or veggie)
Maybe your kids are teens or tweens and find everything too fast? Why not try to make it more of a challenge.

Egg Scavenger Hunt

Keep it simple and have a basket at the end as the "prize".
Hints can be as simple as:
Note taped to door knob of their room:
"Are you ready to find the first egg in your hunt? Look under your pillow (or bed)"
Hint #1
"As I hopped around hiding eggs, I needed a cold drink to keep me going" Next clue is in the fridge by the milk.
Hint #2
"I heard a noise in the driveway and went to the window"
And so on....

Another idea from Gina at East Coast Mommy
Bedtime Passes (free printable)
bunny bedtime passes

Easter Basket Ideas

Decorative Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Decorative Christmas Wrapping Ideas

We usually spend lots of time picking out the perfect gift and budgeting our purchases, but how much time do we spend on wrapping? If we are going through the trouble to be creative with our ideas for gifts, why not present them in a beautiful way. Gift wrap does not need to be expensive, as you will see in the examples I found below. Hope these inspire you this holiday season!


Santa's Belt Gift Wrap: Simple and everyone recognizes what it is. Plain red paper, black ribbon and gold cardstock!

Cookie Exchange Boxes: Auntpeaches.com shared this frugal and creative way to box cookies for a cookie exchange. Saran Wrap, Tin Foil or Parchment paper boxes are the perfect size to box cookies.

DIY Gift Bag: Innova Crafts presents a simple way to make a gift back from a piece of paper. DIY-gift-bags-Pinterest-01

Here's another DIY Bag variation from Designer Trapped


Chip Bag Wrapping: Turn an old chip bag inside out and clean with dish soap to remove any greasy residue. Use as a silver shiny gift bag! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

1-new 2-new1

Cute idea for the kids from Miss Webbie. Colour Me and Car With Road These could be made a little more Christmas themed by using different colour paper or crayons with a Christmas wrapper or tape.


Another really cute Kids Wrap Idea! From Lines Across:  Make this reindeer from a brown paper lunch bag!


Love these from October Afternoon: It could be as simple as Christmas Washi tape with a bow on top, a Large Glitter Number with paint splattered paper, Paper Pennants and Twine or some Colourful buttons and paper cutouts collage. Use up some of those odds and ends in your paper crafting stash!


My artsy side LOVES these DIY Chalk Board Wrapped Gifts! By Going Home to Roost You could do this same technique on any dark paper, Green or Red/ Burgundy if you want it a little more "in season". But I really like this idea as it is.