Cash Back Apps: what are they?

Canadian Cash Back apps: What are they and how do they work?

In Canada, we have a few cash back apps. Cash Back Apps are a method of savings in addition to using coupons. Each app updates its offers that give you a cash back value on various products. 

When you are planning your shopping, these cash back apps are another avenue of savings to consider. You can often apply a coupon in-store AND claim the cash back after your purchase. Always plan ahead and check in fine print on the offers.

Through each cash back app, you must take a photo within the app or scan your receipt to submit your qualifying purchases for the cash back.

You will want to always read the fine print as some special offers are one-time only, while others may allow multiple claims per item.

In general, the cash back offers can be redeemed on purchases at any Canadian Store (unless noted on the individual cash back offer, click on them to be sure). This means a local market or Costco, places that do not honor traditional coupons, you CAN use to get these cash back offers!

Here are some Cash Back Apps we have in Canada.

Click on each link to see the details on how it works and what platforms it is available for.
  • Available for iPhone (iPod, iPad) users, Android AND Desktop
  • Cash out at $20 or more 
  • One Account per device
  • Offers are limited to a certain number of redemptions per week 
  • Check for new offers weekly on the app.


  • For mobile and desktop computer.
  • Surveys, store receipts, and specific items can be claimed to earn cashback.
  • Cash-out at $20 + paid via cheque
  • One Account per person
  • For mobile and desktop computer.
  • Specific items (generic items, not branded) can be claimed to earn cashback.
  • Cash out at $20 + paid via cheque or emt
  • One Account per person

  • Cash back offers on general items, not all brand name offers. (ie. $0.25 cash back on chicken)
  • Cashout paid via Paypal or e-transfer at $10
  • Available only for mobile and desktop users.
  • Cash out at $20 + paid via etransfer or cheque

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