Busy Bag: Felt Board Ideas

Busy Bag: Felt Board Ideas


There are times when you need an activity to keep the kids busy, while you either have some quiet time, get supper under way or need a bathroom break! You know those times, right? I have started putting together “Busy Bags”, for just those occasions. These are activities or toys that are not readily available to my child all the time, but are brought out when mama needs a few minutes to get something done.

You can create so many variations of these bags, and today I am sharing my felt board.

Simply pick up felt sheets at the dollar store, and glue 2 black pieces to a rectangle of cardboard (an old box cut up).

Next, decided on a couple themes you will use to guide the shapes and designs you will make.

I have the following:

  • Outdoor Scene: green hills, tree trunk, leaves, clouds and a sun
  • Flowers: petal shapes, stems, leaves and tufts of grass
  • Faces: Head shape, nose, lips, eyes, a couple different hair styles, etc…
  • Body & Clothing: Basic body shape, shoes, pants, shorts, dress, shirts and hair
  • The possibilities are endless….letters, numbers, shapes, animals, etc…


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