Birthday Party Made Easier With A Plan! #Grecoville

This past weekend we celebrated Clayton’s birthday with his friends. He turned 6 back on December 30th, but this year he asked for a party with some of his friends. So, when planning what to do, where to go and what to eat, I went with the ease of a hosted party, at a fun location and we ordered our food ahead of time from Greco Pizza.

This post is sponsored by Greco. We received pizza and compensation for this post, but all opinions and wording are our own.

Easy, Simple and Stress Free!!

Planning a party for kids can be fun but often times it is also stressful. This year I made sure to do something stress free and still lots of fun for the kids.  As you will see below, I enjoyed the entire process, from ease of venue, food, and decorations, to activities and party favours. Here is how our party plan unfolded.

How big is the party?
We made a list of the kids he wanted to attend. He came up with 10 names, making it a manageable size group for everyone involved. 

Where is the party going to take place?
We started by asking Clayton where he would like his party and shared some options with him. 

Resurgo Place was our location of choice, great option, interactive, fun, educational and affordable. We had a room with a kitchen and plenty of space to entertain and feed the kids. 

What food will everyone enjoy?
We opted for stress free all the way and ordered Clayton’s favourite pizza! Greco Pizza is always our go to for parties and family gatherings, so we ordered a pepperoni XXL Pizza (that’s 32 pieces!) and garlic fingers. You can order ahead online, schedule a time for it to be ready and pick up, or have it delivered. 
BONUS: if you have left overs, they are great the next day, or you can freeze them for school lunches! 

For a cake, we opted for cupcakes in the colours of the houses at Hogwarts (to go along with our Harry Potter Theme). Cake mix, food colouring and homemade buttercream icing made for an easy “cake” option. I printed off banners and glued to toothpicks to stick in each cupcake as well.

What is the theme and how do you incorporate it into the party?
Clayton loves Harry Potter, so we decorated in the colours of the 4 houses at Hogwarts. Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. I made wands from chop sticks, hot glue and paint (my little arts and crafts project for the week, picture below) and made up goodie bags and cupcakes with the house banners for decoration. One pack of Hogwarts crests balloons and then some plain balloons in the appropriate colours, and Harry Potter plates and napkins as well.

What activities will the kids take part in?
The museum offered the room with space for our kids to gather, open presents and eat their Greco pizza and cake. The museum staff helped the kids create a “spy glass” as a craft activity, then they were taken on a guided “I Spy” game through the museum. Parents could either stay behind to set up food, or take pics and enjoy the tour. 

All in all, this was the most stress free party I have organized with a group of young children. There were no complaints from the kids, everyone ate well, and they had free play back in the museum after we ate.

I highly recommend ordering from Greco Pizza for your parties or large gatherings. The food is tasty, ordering is easy, and you can order it ahead of time, to arrive when you need it.

Check out more pics from our fun birthday party!

Supporting and Working Local:
Working with Greco Pizza as a sponsor of our Birthday Party post has been a great experience. Not only is Greco a business I have relied on for party pizzas and more, over the past 20+ years, it is local, started right here in Moncton, NB, and now headquartered in Truro, NS. 

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