Best Deals On Produce and Meat + Top Coupon Deals – Jan 3rd

Here is a round-up of some of the best advertised prices on produce & meat this week in Atlantic Canada. Each week we share these deals to help you make your best purchasing decisions. It is not always about price, sometimes it is about the source, so we include options from local markets as well. If your local market produces an online flyer, let us know and we will add their weekly deals to our list.

The top stock up deals on other items will be shared here as well at the bottom of the post.

★★ Help us make this a weekly resource: If you see or hear of a deal in your area, please comment below and let us know what you found, we will add it. Also, if there is a fruit or vegetable you want to be added to our price list, please make a suggestion.★★ 

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  • $2.88 - 4lb Gala, empire or McIntosh (No Frills)
  • $2.88 - 3lb Gala or McIntosh (Giant Tiger)
  • $3 (2/$6) Gala, Cortland, McIntosh (Sobeys)
  • $3.97 - 3lb bag Gala (Walmart)


  • $1.97 -6pk (Gateway, Dartmouth)
  • $2.97 - 6pk (On The Vine, Saint John)
  • $3.97 - 6pk (Tomavo, Moncton)
  • $5.88 3lb bag, Imperfect Avocados (No Frills)



  • $1.98 each (GD Meat Market, Dartmouth)
  • 2/$4 broccoli (IGA Coop)
  • $2.49 each (Sobeys)
  • $2.88 each (No Frills)


  • $0.34/lb (GD Meat Market, Dartmouth)
  • $1 - 2lb bag (Foodland)
  • $1.88 3lb bag (No Frills)
  • 2/$4 or $2.49each 3lb bag (Atlantic Superstore)


  • $1.99 each (Tomavo, Moncton)
  • $2.47 each (Walmart)
  • $2.99 each (Sobeys)


  • 2/$2.88 English Cucumbers (No Frills)


  • $2.99/lb green or red (Atlantic Superstore)


  •  $2.88  -454g box (No Frills)
  • $1.88 organic 227g box (No Frills)


  • $1 - 2lb bag (Foodland)
  • $1.88 -3lb bag (No Frills)
  • 2/$4 or $2.49each -3lb bag (Atlantic Superstore)


  • $1.99 -10lb Russet (Sobeys)
  • 2/$4 -10lb Russet potatoes (IGA Coop)
  • $3.88 - 15lb Bag (No frills)


  •  no good advertised price


  • $1.18/lb Chicken Legs (GD Meat Market, Dartmouth)
  • $3.88/lb Extra Lean Gr. Chicken (No Frills)
  • $2/lb Whole Chicken (Atlantic Superstore)


  • $2.88/lb Lean Gr. Beef (IGC Coop)
  • $3 /lb Lean gr. Beef (Foodland)
  • $2.77/lb Reg Gr. Beef (Sobeys)
  • $3/lb Med. Gr. Beef (Atlantic Superstore)
  • $4.88/lb Extra Lean Gr. Beef (No Frills)
  • $2.97/lb Inside Round Roast (Gateway, Dartmouth)
  • $3.99/lb Inside Round Roast (On The vine, Saint john)
  • $5 /lb Inside Round Roast (Foodland)


  • $1.88/lb Pork Half Loin (No frills)
  • $1.98 Lean gr. pork (GD Meat Market, Dartmouth)
  • $2/lb Pork loin Combo, or ribs (Atlantic Superstore)
  • $3/lb Boneless Pork Sirloin Chops (Foodland)
  • Crest, Colgate, Aqufresh Toothpaste, or Oral B or Colgate Brushes or Oral B Floss 2/$1(Atlantic Superstore, PC MEMBERS ONLY)
  • VH Sauces $1.88 - $0.50 (tear pad) = $1.38 (Walmart)
  • Campbell's Condensed Soup $0.50 (Sobeys)
  • Quaker Chewy Granola Bars $2-$1 (Cash back, Caddle)=$1 (Atlantic Superstore)
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PLEASE submit your local market in our comments below. We would love to share their prices on our list!

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  1. Just found your site when looking for Moncton Outdoor list.
    I’ve send a PM on FB to add Victoria Park not on your list.

    Notice your prices last updated Jan 3/20

    Is this site active or not, please confirm, thanks.

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