Art After Dark – so much fun!

Art After Dark – so much fun!



So I was at playgroup with my 3 year old a month ago, and one of the mom’s comes over and says she heard I was the “coupon lady” (my more commonly known persona!). She told me she is an artist and offered me a couple tickets to a group painting event called Art After Dark.

I was intrigued, and not sure who to invite with me. I studied Fine Arts and Communications in college, so have painted before, but not in about 20 years. The idea of a guided painting seemed the perfect way to get back into painting.
A few friends of mine have attended in the past, and loved it. So I asked Judy, my deal finder over on the Moncton Coupon Lady site. She laughed and said she couldn’t draw a stick figure, but agreed to join me and try it out. We picked an event and a week later we were sitting at a table at Lotus restaurant in Moncton, with paint brushes in hand.

This is the painting we were setting out to recreate.
Poppies by artist Heather LeBlanc


You can start out by snapping a pic of the original artwork on your phone, so you can see the details for reference. Once seated, you will meet the hostess and the artist, then you will be guided step by step towards creating your masterpiece. Throughout the evening the host/hostess will ask some fun trivia questions and you may just win yourself a drink!

During the evening there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions, chat with your friends and take your time completing the various stages involved in the art piece. The atmosphere at both events I attended was relaxed, enjoyable, and most important, it was fun!


This week, my husband and I painted works inspired by this painting by Heather.


I highly recommend this for a date night. My husband joined me, our first date in over a year, and it was a lovely experience. He really felt he would not be able to do much, but as you can see below, he did an amazing job. He has never painted before (other than craft with our kids and finger painting), so tackling an acrylic painting on canvas was a bit of a stretch. I think he did amazing, and our son, 13, likes dad’s painting best 🙂

Doug’s Artwork (left), in process (middle), my final painting (right).



Heather will guide you through creating  your very own unique painting. You will be guided from blank canvas through to the final details of your own original artwork. Events last approximately two and a half hours and at the end of the night you will take home your masterpiece to show off to all your family and friends. There is a special place in every home, just for you to display your work, now you just need to join Art After Dark to start your gallery wall!

After attending two events I can’t express how much I have enjoyed these evenings out. All in all a fun and very unique experience.

Here are more details and some pics of other paintings done here in NB.


If you are looking for something different to do, try Art After Dark! It’s the perfect date night, girls’ night out, birthday outing or a fun evening out with friends!

Art After Dark is a social painting experience held at local restaurants and hot spots across NB. All venues are licensed and have food options if you choose to eat before, or after. As you read above, it is perfect for a date night. Arrive early and have your meal, and maybe a drink.

They provide you with everything you need including easel, canvas, paint, and apron. You will create a 16″X20″ acrylic painting on canvas. No painting experience needed to attend and produce your own unique piece of art. You may be surprised how much talent you have waiting to burst forth!

If you need a team building activity, or are hosting a bachelorette party, why not try Art After Dark? Private Events available upon request.

Kids events are starting June 27th. Paint Bash will be a unique experience for children 10 and up. Subject of the artwork and venue will be youth friendly. More info coming very soon about these events. Follow Art After Dark NB on Facebook to see what events are happening!


Check out Heather’s interview on


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