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Ruth Ann Swansburg

Founder, Writer, Speaker & Paper Junkie 

I am a wife of 20 years, a mom of 2 boys, known as the "Moncton Coupon Lady", a lover of paper crafting & photography, a marketing wannabee, and an avid promoter of bloggers in Atlantic Canada.

For the past six+ years I have maintained a frugal living site called the Moncton Coupon Lady, now re-branded as Everything Unscripted, a lifestyle blog. One of the most enjoyable things I have been part of since becoming “the Moncton Coupon Lady” is having a regular radio column on CBC Information Morning in Moncton. Through teaching frugal living and kitchen seminars on a regular basis to organizations and individuals across the Maritimes, I have been able to push beyond my comfort zone and grow personally in areas I never felt I would be comfortable.

Now is the chance, with re-branding and expanding the site in 2016, to get to know who the lady is behind the Moncton Coupon Lady. Before becoming a blogger, I worked as a graphic designer and freelance photographer. Working mainly as a graphic designer in Saint John prior to moving to Moncton and becoming a work at home mom. Once a “work at home mom” I spent several years creating memory books and scrapbook pages for buyers all around the world through my eBay store. In addition to creating scrapbooks, I also spent time capturing memories for families in the form of photographs. Although I do not do either of these as a business currently, I love anything creative and look forward to sharing what I am working on with you, right here on Everything Unscripted.

As a mom I feel privileged to have my loving husband and two boys. They are 10 years apart (not by choice, as we struggled to have our second), and I am now 42 and chasing an almost 5 yr old!

It’s been an adventure, it’s been very different than I imagined, and life has been pretty great so far! Is life ever really what we “planned”? Life’s Unscripted and very rarely an image of what we thought it would be when we were kids, or even young adults…join me in realizing the greatness of a life unscripted here at Everything Unscripted. Your book is unwritten, so make every minute count.

“Life is 10 percent what you make it, and 90 percent how you take it.”
~ Irving Berlin

Thank you for joining me here. Please share your thoughts and feelings with me as well. Life is a wonderful journey, let’s share and guide each other through some of it!


~ Ruth Ann

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